Tommy Cutlets...Wait Till Next Year

Makeshift O-line without Andrew Thomas needed some time to get things right (Ezeudu at LT interesting choice there), but Evan Neal is still a disappointment so far. D needs to play much better - one thing to let Dallas run all over you but Dobbs? C’mon man!

Without Barkley playing I’m thinking Niners -10.5 seems like a safe bet.

Giants kept it closer than I thought they would but the D really has to step things up. Tackling was even worse than the officiating.

I expected very little from that game a was not disappointed. They hung in until about 2 minutes left in the half but after that SF TD, game was pretty much over.

Saquon out. Going to be a tough slog v Hawks without him.

When can they get out of Jones contract without big cap hit?

Year Base salary Bonuses Restructure Cap hit Dead cap
2023 $1,080,000 $12,250,000 $2,105,000 $15,435,000 $81,500,000
2024 $35,500,000 $11,605,000 $2,105,000 $47,105,000 $69,315,000
2025 $30,000,000 $11,605,000 $2,105,000 $41,605,000 $22,210,000
2026 $46,500,000 $12,105,000 $2,105,000 $58,605,000 $11,105,000

Maybe Giants can find a sucker to trade him to? Someone like Denver who saved Seattle from giving Russell Wilson a mega contract. Be sure to ask for a bunch of high draft picks like Seattle did. :grinning:

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I thought there was an out after two years where they didn’t take a huge hit and money wasn’t guaranteed. I guess we’ll see but after 4 weeks that contact isn’t smelling good and Dabol doesn’t look quite the budding genius he was made out to be. ah well things can change quickly in the NFL, but the next few weeks look kind of bleak.

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Give Jones some blocking and an RB and we won’t be asking these questions. A healthy Thomas and Barkley will help somewhat, but Evan Neal looks like this decade’s version of Ereck Flowers.

Yeah in fairness their 3 losses are now to teams who are a combined 10-2 but it’s just the ugly look of the 3 losses that give little hope that improvement is near.

Also Saquon is a huge part of what they do in both the run and pass game so yes they will probably get better at some point this year but the next two weeks look like big losses and the playoffs are a distant memory even if it was just last year they squeaked in.

If Barkley gets healthy by the trade deadline and they can flip him for future assets at the deadline they totally should do that.

my read of overthecap’s contract page says (assuming the cut him with a post-june1 designation)

cut in 2024: cap hit of 47M in 2024/cap hit of $22.2M in 2025 (no cap savings that year)
cut in 2025: 11M in 2025/ $11.1M in 2026 (30M in cap savings)
2026 is easy - 11M dead and gain 47M in savings)

To be even more fair, they also looked ugly in their win.


Well the first half of that game sure looked ugly.

In unfairness, their next 2 games are against Miami and Buffalo.

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^which is why I said this

I’m not so sure. Miami’s offense dropped off significantly last week. Down by 50 points!



I got a feeling they may rebound some against NYG.

Daniel Jones with the neck issues, just a matter of time with the number of hits he’s taken this season.

Didn’t he previously have neck problems?