Time to rethink USA relationship with Israel?

Here we are again. Jet planes bombing Israeli residents because they aren’t Jewish. Palestinians fire rockets at Jewish towns. The relative casualties are predictable, and lay bare the difference between having a state with a military, and a stateless political party.

The US is only losing stature in the relationship as it stands. We gain nothing in the eyes of the world. We block any UN actions. We send gobs of aid. And all the world can see that the US has zero interest in human rights, especially the Islamic world.

The myths about Israel needing our military aid are pretty nutty. Israel is the 8th largest exporter of weaponry in the world today. They don’t need help on that front.

The sad truth is our foreign policy in the ME is driven by internal, domestic politics. The Ds can’t win without lopsided margins among American Jews - similar to the GOP needing the evangelicals to win elections.

Time we faced up to the fact that it isn’t 1953 anymore. Israel is behaving abominably. If any other country used an air force to subdue residents inside their own country, we would be (rightly) outraged. So why not here and now?

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Do countries support Israel? I feel like most people around the world sympathize with the Palestinians.

LWTwJO had a scathing segment on this just LW.

Is this true?
There are more asians than jews in the US. Ain’t nobody trying to win the asian votes.

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I heard an interview on the BBC where an EU expert observed that whenever there are actions taken by the EU against Israel, certain lobbies start complaining about antisemitism. Political pressure limits the non-support the EU might take.

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There was an interesting Vox piece on the massive Evangelical Christian support for Israel in the US because of some literal readings of the Bible

I mean Israel definitely seems more and more toxic as years go by based on media.

my take is that the holocaust still weighs heavy the EU opinions on antisemitism. While the US recognizes and mourns those events, we don’t have 6 million murdered Jewish people buried in our soil.

Although as the generations pass, the indefinite free pass of Israel will eventually start being limited.

This is one of the most head scratching elements of it for me.

Of all the people, I would think the Jews would be very sensitive to people being dispossessed of their property and moved into internment camps/concentration zones. Yet it’s happening right now. It boggles the mind.

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