Threads from the AO you hope/wish would continue here

I may start up the Never-ending Song Title Thread.

I hope JFG keeps us up-to-date Womanspeak-wise.

And, please, oho, please, someone start a Pokemon Go thread? This way I can give my 10 yr old son some tips.

DWSimpson Sucks

The funny SFW pictures and gif threads hopefully get started up

+1 for Womanspeak Translation!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Breadmaker Go study! :rofl:

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Never Ending Song Title is in the Games section. :+1:
Also I miss knowing the old emoji codes. :-1:

I’d like DWS to reopen the AO, if only for posters to mine the past threads to save them. They could close every thread and still do this, and not worry about someone posting crap and “ruining their professional reputation.”
That said, I’ll never use their services, and I’ll encourage others not to use their services. Sorry, DWS, you chose poorly.


Reopening the existing ao is impractical, as the software that it ran on is obsolete and no longer maintained. And porting everything to a new platform is a lot of work. It can be done. I’ve seen a larger forum ported from vbulletin to discourse, in fact. But it’s not worth doing if you don’t want to maintain what it was.

But reopening it while closing all the threads means no maintenance, no need for mods, etc.

Just a few weeks to get the important stuff, like JFG’s love life.


@dr_t_non-fan I made the decision coming out of college that I’ll never use DWS. They were super friendly and acted like they cared, then the second they realized I was entry level, their mood shifted to me not being worth the time to even answer questions or provide tips and were cold and short and then done-zo. That happened with 2 separate DWS reps there, so I always said that if they didn’t give me the time of day to even talk to me for a few minutes to pick their brains when I was an entry level candidate with little to offer them, then I was never going to use them when I was an experienced FSA as I am now, with lots to offer them. Them killing AO is just icing on my anti-DWS cake.

I realized about 24 hours too late that I would have really really liked the thread on autonomous / self-driving cars to be preserved.

Does anyone remember which section of AO it was in? If it was in a professional section it might still be there whenever they re-open the site. It might have been in the Casualty section because the early commentary largely centered around “zomg, by the year 2015 the number of casualty actuaries the whole world over will be identically equal to zero because of driverless cars”.

Which MPC and me and a couple of others repeatedly pointed out was utter nonsense, but there were folks who were QUITE insistent.

ETA: It also might have been in General Actuarial, which also has a chance of surviving. If it was in NAT then it might be gone forever. :sob:

I had mixed feelings about DWS prior to them shutting down AO. Shutting it down without offering it up to us to run on our own was unforgiveable though. :angry:

My dealings with DWS have always been excellent. Most of them were with Claude back in the day and he’s moved onto his own recruiting firm, so who knows. Maybe things have changed.

Yeah, I think all of us liked Claude. He and DWS parted ways over a decade ago though.

The Help Find a Cure for AIDS/Cancer/COVID/All Diseases. Because **** COVID, **** Cancer, **** AIDS, **** all diseases!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Seems like you misinterpreted their goal. Their goal is not to get you a job or even help you get a job. Their goal (and it’s the same in general for recruiters and real estate agents and car salesmen) is to make money, with limited time and limited resources.
As an entry-level job seeker, the analogy for real estate agents and car salesmen is that you want to buy a house but you have no wealth and no income. So, they work on more productive leads. It’s nothing personal, strictly business.
Cutting the links to the AO? Well, that’s personal.

Also, need Entry-Level advice thread from the AO.

we had the backdoor to the ao for over a month. if you wanted to do that, why didn’t you do it during that month?

I didn’t really know how to do that in an efficient way, although if I’d thought of the autonomous cars thread while the backdoor was still open, I would have tried to figure it out. How do/did you save off certain threads?

no clue. I didn’t do that. I downloaded my pm’s and that’s about it. I missed a few pm’s at the end that came after my download, so I wish I did it a little later.

I know that Colonel Smoothie had some fancy thing running to download the entire actuarialoutpost during this. Unsure how far he got.

Interesting! I, too, am curious. I hope he started with the stuff that was known to be going away like Political and NAT. Is CS on GoActuary?