Threaded posts FYI

When you’re replying, you can reply to the bottom of a thread (by using the blue button at the bottom) for a linear flow, or reply to a specific post (by clicking the reply arrow beside an individual post).

In both cases, replies are displayed in a linear, chronological order. It seems like there should be the ability to display these in a threaded/tree hierarchy like reddit. But there isn’t. The software authors seem pretty adamant about not providing this choice. So for right now, everything’s linear.

I like the layout. I like that you can see posts that are responding to a specific post, or you can just read everything in order. It was a little confusing to me at first because I didn’t realize that the posts will show up in both places, but it isn’t too hard to get used to.

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There isn’t any way to do that, a la Reddit. I read up on it and the platform developers were kinda cranky about the suggestion. This isn’t Facebook kind of thing.