Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

My local malls have extensive indoor “sidewalks”, where people walk. Mostly people are walking from one shop to another, but you could certainly just walk from one end of the mall to the other, and back.

Getting an EMG done on my left arm at some point. I had one done a couple years ago, but I never followed up with it at the time. (I was with Jaspess I at the time.) There’s some form of nerve anomaly that causes soreness, tingling up and down, and weakness to varying degrees and in varying combinations. Stretching gives some relief, but it’s overall a little more pronounced than it was last time I had the EMG done.

I might as well go to the office if I’m going to drive to the mall.

I don’t live rural but all the malls are in the city.

2 PT sessions. On the 2nd one they said, “Oh sorry, It’s not $52/ session, it’s $460.” And I said please give me exercises to do at home.

But pain is worse and I think it’s a pinched nerve or sciatica. (Sciatica is basically a pinched nerve, isn’t it?)

Found another place close to work and have asked for a new referral.

I have occasional back issues and had a brief bout with sciatica in June. It was a pain shooting down my leg that was just an unnerving sensation at first, but at one point it got considerably worse. The dr gave me steroids and sent me to an MRI.
A friend at sunday school told me that weekly he went to a chiropractor where you would lie down for 20 minutes while a machine would apply a pulling pressure on your back. There’s a name for the machine but I don’t remember it, could ask. It was not at all unpleasant and I could use my phone while lying there. It was very inexpensive (like $30/visit) and my friend swore by it and I think it helped, can’t be sure. In any case I didn’t have the really bad pain after the brief steroid prescription and did about eight of those visits and everything subsided after three months but I wouldn’t wish the worst of the pain on anyone.
I do still get other feelings in my legs telling me I need to lose some weight or something.

I do see a chiropractor regularly and will in fact see him tomorrow. Love that table but he usually does Stim(?) on my lower back.

What did the MRI show?

I’m usually there about every 3-4 months and it’s nearly time.

Yeah, my knees have been hurting and it may be time to actually try again to lose weight. It’s so emotional for me tho.

I did have a tear in one of my discs i think. But I don’t recall any particular advice to do anything about it.

I just crossed 230lbs. I just have to discipline myself to not eat until I’m hungry, until my stomach actually rumbles if necessary. Feeling hungry is unpleasant, but continually sending food down in advance isn’t the answer either. Also eating the minimum dinner and if necessary a tiny snack with the goal of going to bed hungry; breaking the mental habit of overeating. I once went from 240 down to 185, my lowest post-college weight.

My wife and son are so lucky, they are just naturally string beans while my daughter and I carry plenty of extra weight. (My wife is 5’5" and weighed 130 before giving birth)

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The Rack

Not “lying down” but we have an Inversion Table

I do that and still don’t lose weight. It’s so frustrating. To lose weight I have to be super strict and skip the things I like.


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You’re not hungry if the only stuff you want is dessert type stuff… that was the childhood mantra.

Adjustment and Stim. Felt some better until 30 min ago. Just took another megadose of Ibuprofen.

He said bursitis again but my PCP said bursitis is tender to the touch which mine is not. I asked about the nerve and he said it’s inflammation around the nerve and to ice it every night. :roll_eyes: That might make it feel better while the ice is on it but it’s not going to fix anything.

Just got a referral to another PT place but not sure how long to let this go before I see someone who can diagnose me. I am already doing several PT stretches and exercises.

Mr aj wants me to call or go back to see PCP and ask for a referral to a specialist. Just the thought makes me tired. She barely looked at it before. Will she do anything different the next time?

The PCP barely looked or the specialist? I wouldn’t worry about the PCP, they’re just a signoff for the doctor you actually need, if your insurance mandates that layer of bloat.

I’ve only gotten use from PCPs beyond checking vitals now that I have a PCP who will prescribe me pretty much anything I ask. I’ve had her long enough to say “Hey I need 700mg Prednisone in 10mg tablets to be taken 4x7 days, then 3x7 then 2x7 then 1x7.” I’m not sure if it’s entirely ethical for a PCP to say, “This is way outside my specialty, but since you’ve had it before I’ll prescribe it.” But I’ll take it.

The other day I didn’t feel like going out for lunch (didn’t bring one from home), so my lunch was mainly one of those medium-sized 3-serving bags of Doritos that a colleague accidentally got me. I’ve eliminated most corn for long enough that I decided to try it just to see what happens.

…and I was fine. :neutral_face: I thought corn was one of my trigger foods, but maybe it’s just the whole kernel version? I don’t know. I officially don’t understand my own body. :sob:

There are conditions (Diverticulosis) where the food isn’t the issue as much as the shape (corn kernels, seeds) that irritates the digestive tract lining


Hmmm. Maybe dried ground corn is okay as long as I chew it well, but whole kernels (like from a can or a cob) run right through me. Because popcorn also doesn’t hurt much as long as I don’t eat gobs of it at once.

I don’t know what your specific issues are, but likely the indigestible portion of the skin is causing you issues. Smash it to a pulp, nothing to aggravate you.

I too can eat corn chips fine, but corn, haha only if I want to be in and out of the bathroom all morning. Same happens with things like peas or bell pepper unless I intentionally chew it well.

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