Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

Hope the recovery goes well!

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I think I’m finished with the pain meds.
I took one around 2 am and I’ve been worthless all day. And not in much pain considering no meds since then. Also very little appetite, which is not me. I am always hungry.

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Accidentally used my left foot when getting out of bed this morning. First an ouch and now just pins & needles with an ache. Hope I didn’t mess anything up.


otherwise going well?

I would say yes. Even today I haven’t had to resort to prescription pain meds, so that seems positive. Hoping to get my sleep schedule readjusted this weekend. Follow up is next Thursday.


I was a little dizzy this morning, so I decided to go back to sleep again. I woke up a bit little later to what felt like bed spins. It was not fun. :frowning: I started getting a headache later in the afternoon, so I popped an Advil… Feeling OK now, but I don’t wanna go through that again any time soon. :-1:

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