ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 Intel (14")

List price $3,429.
CyberMonday sale price $1,199.
Code HOLIDAYSURPRISE gets you another $60 off, which just about paid for sales tax.
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I just bought it. It’ll be quite the upgrade from my T430. With the way I go through computers, it should last me a decade or so.

Nice machine. I’d buy one if I wasn’t so cheap with computers. I e got three or four lenovos but they’re all refurb t540p’s, older models.

I’m pretty cheap with computers, too. I just edited the op to note that it’s replacing a T430.
I usually don’t spend so much on computers, but it seemed like it would be worth it this time…especially if it truly is a $3400 machine for $1200.

I think that was a steal at that price.

I’m skeptical that it would be over $3k on its own because it wasn’t too long ago that I tried maxing out the specs on a thinkpad and it took a lot of effort to get it to budge past $2000. The price has always been in the 1000s for good specs.

I’ve seen some pricing schemes where, the original price is $1,000, e.g., and then they have it on sale for $900, e.g. Then, come special days like “cyber monday” the sale price becomes $950 but you can use a super secret code that they whole internet knows about to get $50 off. So, I’m well aware of all of the price manipulations that go on, but for my own ego & masculinity I choose to believe what the spacelobster tells me.

it’s a good price for a 1 TB ssd. I don’t think you’d really have to pay $3400 if you had gotten it like, last week though.