Things I bought years ago that I really like

My basement freezer, Insignia 5 Cubic Ft
My dishwasher, Kitchenaid

What have you bought?

electric heated Mattress pad


My dog.


Henckels knife set. 23 years old and as good as new.

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You beat me to it. Just bought one for my parents for Christmas. They have no idea they need it.

+1, I have a J.A. Henkels chef’s knife. Got a Wusthof to upgrade. Use the Henkels for tough things like rutabaga, Wusthof gets babied more. Frozen meat or something gets the Cuisinart POS.

Reminds me I need to get them professionally sharpened. There’s a mobile service around here that charges very little.


My prospector tent (with woodstove):

I’ve used it so many times, still continue to use it frequently. It’s huge, like 12X14 or something, about 9 feet at the peak so you can walk around in it without stooping. And sleeping on a cot with a hot woodstove, when it’s snowing outside, nothing beats that.

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My solo stove.

My sleep number bed.

LL Bean extra insulated winter boots.

Our basement gym equipment.

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Wedding ring for Hip_tigerwife (still with me after 30+ years)


Chef’s Choice electric sharpeners are very nice. They are big money new but I got a really nice one on eBay for like $50 shipped and it works like a champ.

I was scared off of electric sharpeners in the past, but I’m talking 10-15 years ago, they were considered to be inferior sharpeners and take off too much metal.

Very possible they’ve improved. I use one of those basic cross-X types with coarse, fine, and ultrafine settings and it works well. However I can only do so well, and have been wanting to pay some ~$100 to get my entire collection done. I used to have a couple whetstones and one was very fine and I felt my skills kind of negated the level of precision. It was to the point that the user was the issue.

The Trizor models from Chef’s Choice have a coarse set of stones they recommend only using the first time, then medium, then fine. I’ve had mine for a few years and I’m not seeing evidence that they take off much material at all. I can’t quite seem to get mine to ‘razor sharp’ but I’ve no trouble getting them plenty sharp for use in the kitchen.

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Oh, hey actuaries, let’s talk shoes. I’ve got some Allen Edmonds and one pair of Bruno Magli, a couple of them are 15+ years old and still kicking. With some re-soles along the way.

Also my Mitchell Leather briefcase, they aren’t cheap but buy-it-for-life purchases.

Vitamix blender and All-Clad pans were also good buys.

Moka pot

Cast iron cook set from my step-dad’s parents at a garage sale

Aeropress. Gets used every day.

3 cup coffeemaker. The typical 10 cupper is overkill for us.

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