The Thanksgiving 2022 Discussion Thread

We were going to host, but we are moving it to my Mom’s. We have all the food, were prepared to cook everything here, but it’s a 30-minute drive over the (dried-out, concrete) river and through the (over-dry) woods.
So, we will head over in the morning, cook there during the day.
Big issue is the home-made ice cream. Do I churn here or there? Get some dry ice for the drive?

squeezing 18 people into my apartment, buffet style, everyone brings. Only one of my three kids coming (with their family)

but then this happened, but i think we will be good to go

Staying home with me and 4 kids, no guests, no traveling. Each person is making a different dish. I’m on turkey and stuffing, kids are on:

  • mashed potatoes
  • green bean casserole
  • macaroni & cheese
  • apple pie & pumpkin pie

Shallow grave?? Doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the holiday, but you do you.

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Visited family back in October, because traveling for the November holiday is a pain. The other advantage of transplanting the Canadian timing was that restaurants were open, since the dog helped herself to the proteins…


Wife is visiting older daughter in a far off land. Younger daughter is staying put in a far off state. I have no friends. It’s just me & the dogs & DiGiorno.

We are heading to my in-laws now. It’s going to be a disaster because it always is. My MIL has already asked me to drive 30 miles to help a friend get their TV working tomorrow morning.

My wife wants to stay until Friday. But she always gets frustrated with her parents asking everyone for a dozen favors and the fact that they talk at 86 decibels, and I suspect we will leave tomorrow.

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Happy Thanksgiving, nerds. Whether you’re celebrating close to home, driving a turkey 15 hours in the car, or too Canadian to celebrate in November, I hope it’s a good one.


I’m running it through the ice cream maker at home and then putting in the freezer to get a bit more solid.

I have some reusable ice packs that I’ll throw in an insulated bag with the ice cream for the drive over.

If you have the kind of ice cream maker where you put the canister in the freezer ahead of time you NEED to use the canister when/where it comes out of the freezer. It’ll warm up way too much in 30 minutes. That’ll be a much bigger problem than the ice cream warming up IMO.

If you’re going the old-fashioned route with salt & ice then as long as you’ll have a sufficient quantity of both where you’re going then it’s fine either way.

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BTW, Costco did not have whole vanilla beans this year. This will be the most expensive ice cream I’ve ever made.


They do have a huge bottle of extract, though. Way cheaper than tiny bottles.

Thank you for the advice above.

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What kind of cash did you drop on vanilla beans?

We use the extract from Costco, I recall even that being expensive but I can’t remember how much.

We’re traveling for Thanksgiving. Visiting Redwoods National Park, staying at this awesome motel that has been re-vamped into 3-room suites. They have a nice fire pit and we are planning to roast hot dogs and do s’mores, and I think someone brought pumpkin pie.

Middle weaselette was disappointed so we promised her we would do a turkey when we get home.

For two they were on sale for $13.99. The organic ones (which I did NOT buy) were $18.49.

I think I could’ve gotten them for $11.99 at Whole Foods though, which I will keep in mind for future years.

The big Costco bottle of extract is expensive, but you don’t blow the whole bottle on one batch of ice cream like you do with vanilla beans.

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I buy my vanilla beans from Vanilla saffron importers


you’re welcome to come join us. plenty of food.

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My 7yo woke up with a barking cough and a fever of 101. So we won’t be having a thanksgiving this year, I guess. At least not a traditional one, since we don’t have any food for it.


Running a 5K tomorrow morning. So drinking now was a good idea, right?

Then going to my parents house for dinner. I am bringing brussel sprouts since cannot be trusted with anything more complicated.

My spousal unit and offspring are visiting the in-laws in the wang of America (you Simpson’s fans know what I am talking about). I miss them.

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Mr. 814 (or can I call you 1695?), you are also welcome at my parent’s house. I hear the brussel sprouts will be on point.