The Outlaws - Amazon Prime

Half dozen criminals have to do community work but raise ruckus.

I am liking it. Christopher Walken doing a great job in it. Other actors are British (I think it is based somewhere near London)

I’m a couple episodes in and Walken is amazing in this.

Watched the first episode. Really good!

Watched whole thing. Not sure if there will be a second series, but still good enough to watch either way.

The writers manage to poke fun at a variety of stereotypes through the diverse characters, but keep them sympathetic to a large degree. Not really LOL, but definitely ctm and some cringe.

Beside Walken, Americans might recognize the head accountant from The Good Place and Demelza from (most recent version of) Poldark.

I’m a big fan of the (1) dipstick lawyer stereotype and (2) Napoleon complex guard (3) batshit crazy lesbian tic-tocker (4) old scetchy - can’t trust him - horrible father/grandpa guy (5) VERY smart kleptomaniac

Just these could have made a good show