The Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Vertigo (1958)
First time I’ve sat though the whole thing. I had previously fallen asleep in prior attempts.
Not sure what the fuss (top ten all time in many voting film societies) is, besides “The City” (SF, to people in NoCal) in most of its glory (lots of outdoor scenes filmed there).

Not going to spoil anything, though, but I still like Psycho and Rear Window a lot more.
BBC America had a few Hitchcock movies on last Friday, so I recorded these three, will watch the other two later.

Just watched “On the Rocks”, the new Sofia Coppola movie with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. Very entertaining. Watched on Apple TV+.

Watched Enola Holmes with friends. It was entertaining, but ultimately the plot holes bothered me.

I watched David Byrne’s American Utopia. Spike Lee shot the stage show and it was very good. I was nota Talking Heads fan back in the day (they were big while I was in college), but I knew some of their music and a lot was written for the show. I wish that they had done Take Me to the River, but nope. The staging for the show was truly minimalist, just the musicians on a gray stage wearing gray suits and no shoes.

I also watched Roald Dahl’s The Witches. It was pleasant enough, but I didn’t really get the Anne Hathaway character, but I didn’t read the book either. Octavia Spenser was great as Grandma as was her grandson.

The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)

Bill Murray thinks he’s part of a British fictitious theatrical immersion experience call “Theatre of Life” and instead is confused as an America secret agent sent to spoil a plot hatched by British & Russian intelligence directors to restart the Cold War and regain their former glory.

I still find it funny and laughable as the ongoing sequences of double-entendres last for most of the movie.

Started The Witches few days ago on HBO Max. The new one that just came out with Anne Hathaway, not the one with Anjelica Huston.

Could not finish it. Too boring and Anne’s accents made it impossible to understand what she was even saying.