The MLS Soccer Thread

EVE too busy swatting those pesky state birds (mosquitos).

Some ATL fans are lamenting that Atlanta didn’t get an exhibition match against a big euro club. Not me. I think summer exhibition tours are generally poor soccer and a blatant money grab.

Reynoso took a knock about 30 mins in and came off. Didn’t seem overly serious from postgame comments. But if it was bad and our best player (and playoff hopes) was lost for a few weeks due to playing a friendly I would be livid.

Also Club America/Man City got a little Concacaffy last night. Jack Grealish and teammates weren’t happy with the physicality from the Mexican side.

Graelish will fit right in when he retires.

Seattle used to include 3 friendlies in the season ticket package. Fans complained so they pared it back to one. The season ticket package still includes 1 additional match but if SEA qualifies for the CCL, the extra match will usually be the first round of that.

We also usually get an extra match. It’s been CCL, Leagues Cup, and USOC in different seasons IIRC. I don’t think it was ever a friendly for us.

Sacramento Republic takes down SKC in PKs and advance to the USOC finals vs Orlando City (who easily dispatched RBNY 5-1).

Beating 3 MLS teams to make the finals is impressive

Seems that grass is in SoFi stadium for these MLS-MX matches on ESPN.
Recording both.

Ok, second match: some macho libre wrestler is flipping the coin, which is now against the LOTG. might be using prior laws for this exhibition, with grass and VAR, maybe testing the stadium ahead of WC 26.

Photos make that pitch look wider than the one at Yankee Stadium.

Need to widen by another 6 yards on each touchline. Should have made the lower risers removable.
I don’t think they’ll want to raise the pitch as they are doing in Dallas. Still, any major temporary changes should make them want more matches.

The US Open Cup final is Sept 7th. Orlando City had a game scheduled for Sept 4th. MLS just moved it to Oct 4th to give OCSC fresher legs for the USOC final. Orlando’s last match before the final is Aug 31st.

Sacramento has a game scheduled Sept 3rd vs Louisville. So far, it doesn’t look like the USL is willing to reschedule the match like MLS did for Orlando. Sacramento has a smaller roster than MLS.