The lucky things thread

This thread for all things lucky.

Do you have a lucky charm?

Or did luck play a part in your life somehow?

Put it here!

Yesterday, I went to the store and put the package on top of my car while I fished out my keys to unlock it.

I then went to the gym. As I was getting out, I realized I couldn’t find my wallet. I called the store and they said they didn’t have it. I searched high and low i the car. Nothing.

My son said, “Dad, did you leave it on the roof?”

Crap. maybe.

reversed course back to the store, keeping my eyes peeled to the other lane so see if it was in the middle of the road. Back to the store, nope. Turned around and retraced my steps back tot he gym. Maybe I missed it. Getting people mad as I was driving 10 mph under the limit.

Got about 3/4 back to the gym and I get a text from my wife: “Um, some guy just dropped off your wallet. Dipshit.”

I’ve had 6’s on actuarial exams. Does that count?



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I consider meeting my husband a pretty lucky break.

Also finding my house. I was unusually sure that this one house on Zillow was going to be nice (this was in December and I wasn’t moving until March, and it only had a picture of the front and back yard). The house went up for sale and it WAS nice - and the sellers wanted somebody willing to pay them in December but not move in until March. Either luck, or this is my soulhouse.

There was one exam that I took and answered 50% of the questions. I guessed all the rest letter B iirc (because that was the letter I used the least). I got a 6 on that exam (I think it was Exam 4???). I failed it twice before as well. Something about a priori and posterior I just couldnt get at the time.

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Probably. I’m not dead yet.

The old exam 160 i think i guessed on every single question and got a 6. It gave me credit for the old course 4 in the 2000 transition which was a huge win.

I was taking 160 the same sitting as EA1. I studied for EA1 and not 160 and got a 5 on EA1.