The Kittehs

This is how I got my Goobs :smiley: (I lived in a basement apartment and let stray cats in the window all the time).

I would be much happier with a window open. The back door standing wide open is just :grimacing: :skull_and_crossbones:.

It happens less often now that we have a dog who eats cat s**t like a sicko, so no wide open back door all night long lest the dog dig up the yard looking for turds :face_vomiting:. If the door stays open, my spouse puts a box in front of the door because not only is our dog a sicko, he’s a big scared baby who thinks boxes are going to eat him. :zipper_mouth_face:

I can see how checking the belly of a feral cat could be challenging.

My dog has similar fears of the baby gate.

Reminds me of a funny story about my childhood dog. She could run pretty fast, and could run up the staircase from the basement and leap the child gate at the top of the stairs on the run. My dad thought this was pretty cool, and was showing a friend this trick. He calls the dog, the dog takes off, and just as she starts to jump the gate, my toddler age brother walks up to the gate. Dog sees him, hesitates a bit, misses the jump, lands on the gate, the gate and my brother go tumbling down the stairs, the dog gives a sheepish look and wanders off. As we are standing there in silence amid the shock, the friend deadpans “Neat trick”. Fortunately my brother was OK.

I lol’d

This place has better smileys than AO. They made me smile while reading your post. Good use of emoticons!


Poor kitties! That’s got to be freaky. Funny for humans, but freaky for kitties.

We let the little one go back to from whence she came today. I never even got to pet her once. Oh well. At least we tried.

The sadder part in all of this is that we’re starting to give up on the idea of Jeeves ever coming home. He’s either dead, or truly enjoying the great outdoors (and whoever is feeding him) so much that he doesn’t feel the need to come around. I cried a lot yesterday thinking about it.

Two cat related updates:

(1) Bert

(2) I cried over a pillow yesterday


Bert is almost always all up in my face when I’m trying to type. Right now, he’s all up in my lap, being cute and sleepy. I love dis Bert.


I am almost fully signed up to be a cat foster mum at the SPCA. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY FIRST LITTER OF FUZZBALLS.


My sweet bb is going in for a dental tomorrow.

Hopefully she gets to keep all of her little teeth!


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This just popped up on my feed due to the recent reply. I love the pink keyboard.

Our eldest, only 6 years old, might also have some teefer issues but our vet is hesitant to sedate her due to a possible heart murmur… We are unsure whether to pay $1500+ to confirm/deny the murmur that would potentially need more expensive surgery just to get her teeth cleaned. It’s a tough spot.

Can’t the vet confirm the murmur with a stethoscope or does this involve some sort of kitty EKG??? :man_shrugging:

The stethoscope is unclear, just an indication. Cats can indicate possible murmurs one day and then be fine the next and then forever. The echocardiogram is the “gold standard” to actually figure things out. Something about telling whether the heart walls have actually been thickening or it’s just a spurious coincidence.

And we live in the Po so it’s a whole thing to even do it in the first place.

When I first adopted my cat the intake forms listed my cat as having a slight heart murmur.

However my vet was not able to detect the murmur at all. Now I am worried about my little girl’s heart!

Is an EKG something I should bring up to my vet before her dental? I am not looking forward to parting with an additional $1,500 smackaroos

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I believe they will do the basic stethoscope before sedating her at any time. We intended to take her in for a cleaning and they scoped her beforehand and refused service until she got an EKG. We only got a very basic vet charge, it wasn’t a whole deal. A second vet scoped her again and said there was maybe a slight murmur but not nearly to the level of what the first vet said, but still recommended the EKG. We might do it. Haven’t decided yet.

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Similar story happened to Machi (my bottle-fed singleton that stayed with “mom”, i.e., my ex-bf). They told him she had a murmur, but he’s rich and did the test (she was fine).

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