The Go Actuary 2022 Celebrity Death Pool

The Rebel Forum/Go Actuary 2022 Celebrity Death Pool

Back for its 18th year! We’re keeping the full set of rules for the sake of any newcomers*:

“What’s a celebrity death pool?”, you ask… Simple, just make two lists of celebrities* that you think will kick the bucket, buy the farm, cash in their chips (a.k.a. DIE) in the coming year, 1/1/2022-12/31/2022 11:59pm in the city in which the celebrity passes. Your first list should have 15 celebrities of any age, and your second list should have 5 celebrities under age 50 (as of 1/1/2022)… we’ll call these your “tragedy picks”.

Number the lists from #1-15 and #1-5, with #1 being who you feel is most likely to die, and so on down the line. As the obits roll in, you will score 15 points if your #1 pick dies, decreasing down to 1 point for your #15 pick. The tragedy picks have higher scores… #1 will be worth 20 points, #2 will be worth 16 points, #3 will be worth 12 points, #4 will be worth 8 points, and #5 will be worth 4 points. They don’t have to die in a tragic way, we just refer to them as tragedy picks since, unlike many of your other selections, they aren’t being picked largely for being old and decrepit. Also, there is nothing keeping you from putting people under 50 years old on your main list of 15 if you have lots of younger entries, they just don’t all qualify for the tragedy scoring… One last extra scoring point: if one of your celebrities dies and you are the only person playing to have guessed that celebrity, you will score 1 extra point.

NOTE: Submit “Alternate” picks in addition to your lists of 15 regular and 5 tragedy selections. This is in case one or more of your picks dies between the time you submit, and the start of 2022 throw out one of your picks for not being a celebrity.

If that happens, your Alternate Pick will move to the bottom of your list and all others will move up one spot. Same thing goes if a celebrity dies in a previous year, but for some reason the news doesn’t become official until much later… in that case I will retroactively add points for that celebrity in the pool for the year in which they are reported to have died. That celebrity would then be removed from your list, all others would move up one spot, and I’d add your Alternate Pick to the bottom. However, if someone on your list is dead before 2022 or I must reject one of your celebrities, and you don’t have any alternates, that’s your own fault.

I’ve tried to close up most loopholes in the rules, so just try and make life easy by picking legitimate celebs. If you have any questions on if someone is eligible, feel free to ask via PM. Anyone who has been allowed and is still alive is still eligible. For a somewhat reliable list of many celebrities alive-or-dead status, check out these web sites"COLOR=blue and

Since there is some degree of judgment as to who is and is not a celebrity (see below), let me know if you are not participating and you want to volunteer to be part of an independent (i.e. not an alternate ID of somebody competing) arbitrator group to make judgment calls on questionable choices.

PM your entries to me by 11:59 PM, Dec 26th, 2021 . This will allow time over the holidays to determine who is famous and who isn’t. I won’t look until I give my picks to another contestant who has finalized his/her picks and I send my picks to that participant.

Another reason for cutting off entries before midnight on New Year’s Eve is that it gives time to compile the frequencies of the names selected so we can submit an AO-composite entry in the [ 3](https://Derby Dead Pool)

What constitutes a celebrity?

*Celebrities are musicians, actors, writers, athletes, political and religious figures and such… pretty much any public human figure recognizable by name alone.

The celebrity must have a Wikipedia page. (If there isn’t one, make one!)

What is not a celebrity?

*Anyone who is known more for being related to another celebrity by birth, marriage, or romance (which is entirely different from marriage) than for any of their own fame/accolades is not a celebrity.

*Anyone who is known solely for their health history and/or current condition more than any accomplishments is not a celebrity. Individuals prominently renowned for being amongst the world’s oldest living people, multiple transplant survivors, etc. are not eligible.

*Persons known to be on death row or whose death is a certainty do not qualify. Don’t try and take the guesswork out of this! Famous prisoners that die of natural causes will count towards the pool.

Should you enter a celebrity with a name shared by other celebrities or quasi famous people, Please specify exactly which you are referring to . For example, if you mention on your list that you want Vanessa Williams, I can’t exactly tell if you mean a) Vanessa A. Williams, the actress whose credits include the Showtime TV series “Soul Food” or b) Vanessa L. Williams, the pageant model/singer/actress? Without clarifying which celebrity you are referring to, it will become my discretion.

What are we playing for? Well, the administrator has given emoticons named after some past winners. If we have a tie, we will have co-winners. No tiebreaker.

I will then handle all of the updates unless anyone else wants to volunteer. Feel free to use this thread as a discussion area, try and break the news on new deaths before I beat you to it, etc. Any help in acknowledging relevant deaths will be a big help in keeping score! You may also PM me if I am lagging behind. I will post the full list of entrants and selections once all entries have been received and verified.

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I might play this year. I have a couple of entries that I believe might otherwise qualify, but they don’t have a wikipedia page. Before I go to the effort of creating one, I think I’ll PM you


I was just thinking about this last night. List getting compiled now.

Since I haven’t done one of these before, I started a preliminary list a couple of weeks ago just to get ideas on how to do this. I hadn’t looked at the list again until today, and one of my potential stiffs already died! RIP Curly Culp, NFL hall of famer

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that’s the third off my list

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In of course!

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All the more reason to include alternates.

[Schwarzenegger]I’ll be back[/Scwarzenegger]

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Four days left. If you haven’t already, start finalizing your picks! I am about to submit mine to another player. @Jables are you interested since you started this!

My picks are in. Please spell names correctly and check if your tragedy picks turned 50 in 2021.

Was looking at my preliminary list again and another one just bit the dust.

Its good to keep alternatives

You use people from my 2021 list that are still alive, no problem. We all take from each other.

I PM’d frummie about a couple, and have found a few more that don’t have wiki’s but would otherwise qualify. Was also looking at the 2021 list, and at least 1 of the credited stiffs don’t have a wiki page either but I think they should obviously qualify. I saw at least one other on someone’s 2021 list that doesn’t have a wiki but is still alive. Is the wiki requirement not enforced when it’s obvious someone qualifies? Not looking to bust any balls, just want to understand how strict that is.

One of my '21 picks does not have an English-language Wikipedia page, but does have a non-English page. I provided the link when I submitted my list to Frummie.

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I didn’t see that one!

I believe my pick of Greg Gilbert, singer for The Delays didn’t have a page, but the band did. I remember checking that was ok with Frummie before I submitted

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Thanks. That was one of the 2 I spotted, and the explanation makes sense

Not answering for Frummie, but I believe the intent is to make his job easier, so if someone is well known enough, he isn’t looking to put restrictions on the game, he just wants a verification

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