The Giants Are Fo Rizzle This Time

Fo shizzle my nizzle

I think they’ve definitely made the case of being the best of the worst.

In other words, they’re the cream of the crap. :wink:


They are following the form of winning Giants teams in the past, i.e., a defense that is good enough to compensate for their offensive flaws.

Before yesterday, you could roll your eyes at their record because they had beaten Washington x2, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Beating Seattle is, … well, more impressive but Seattle is very Jekyll-and-Hyde since opening up 5-0 and even part of that was ugly.

The next 3 games are Arizona, Cleveland, Baltimore before they close with Dallas. I don’t know that I see 8-8 there, but 7-9 (wins over Arizona and Dallas) is not out of the question as long as Daniel Jones is not taking snaps. After losing Barkley in Week 2, going even 5-11 seemed like a massive reach.

Perhaps Baltimore pulls a Denver and they’re using a practice squad RB as their emergency QB? :man_shrugging:

Baltimore is probably over COVID by the time Giants see them but I could see that being a low scoring affair.

AZ seems to have cooled off too.

Cleveland is better than Giants but they too are An up a down team.

Dallas just got blown out by the Football team the suck but it has been like 4 years since Giants beat them and they blew one win to them already.

I have a friend who tracks futures and he said the Giants were 500-1 to win super bowl after their 0-5 start. Moved up to 250-1 after they were 1-7, and now are at 66-1 at 5-7.

Looks like Washington is fo rizzle now too - glad we don’t have to play them anymore this season.

NYG: Cards, Browns, Ravens, Boys
WAS: 49ers, Hawks, Panthers, Eagles

Gonna be an interesting 4 weeks. What was more shocking, Giants beating Hawks or Football Team beating Steelers?

FT beating 11-0 Steelers fo sho

I dunno . . . Steelers on a (very) short week after the Baltimore SNAFU . . .

I’m inclined to say the Giants winning on the road with a backup QB.

I think giants were 11 point dogs, washington 6 point dogs

Fo rizzle had no sizzle yesterday. Looks like it’s the Football Teams division to lose at this point.

Depends in Alex Smith’s leg - Rivera made it sound like it was a minor issue, but then again we thought Jones was healthy, and he was pretty much a statue in the pocket.

Daniel Jones without healthy legs to run isn’t going to win the division. Looks like Washington really has turned a corner though.

So if the Giants beat the Cowgirls then they need to the Eagles to beat Washington’s 4th QB of the season if Smith can’t go.

Kind of vindicates Gettleman’s decision to draft Jones over Haskins. Wonder if Giants will sign him…

Well vindicates his decision to not take Haskins anyway.
Jury still very much out on whether it was a good decision to draft Jones.

Need Washington to fizzle tonight

I feel dirty rooting for the Eagles but I guess it’s not too hard when Dan Snyder is the Football team owner. Go Eagles! That’s gotta be the first time in quite a while I’ve said that.