The Giants Are Fizzling This Season

No love for Pete Carroll in CotY? Trade your all time best QB and HoF team leader middle LB and make the playoffs with more rookie games played than any other team. In addition, the 32 YO QB started 2 seasons in 2013-14 and was not good (25TD/34 INT) and had thrown 101 passes between 2015-2020 before playing in a few games last year. On top of that, the decisions to let guys go lead to a top 5 pick and a top 5 second round pick in 2023 and about $50M of cap room.


GM of the year?

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Is Fox showing a replay of the TCU-Georgia game? Where can I find the Giants?

Damn that 1st half couldn’t have gone much worse.

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i watched that game dtnf-style: recorded and then fast forwarding. the giants had like zero good going on (except that one drive).

and while I know coaches are afraid to concede, down 4 scores inside the 2min warning and running draw plays for real is how guys get hurt. why is that ok (with 0% chance of competing for a win) but taking a knee would rub some people wrong?

Was visiting my father last weekend, he took the loss pretty hard, I was just like whatevs, I didn’t expect a win and better to put us out of our misery early. UFA list for 2023:

Hope to have them back: Jones, Barkley, Love
Nice to have them back for the right price: Shepard, Gates, Breida, Gillan, James, Moreau, Slayton, Jihad
Could care less: Feliciano, Ellis, Williams, Kreiter, Jefferson, Ximines, Johnson

Not a UFA but buh-bye: Golladay

Let the FA signings begin. Nice to see Jones and Barkley taken care of, hopefully they can pick up a good ILB, WR and OL.

Okereke :thumbup:

Giants trade Toney draft pick for Waller, hoping he can stay healthy but no guaranteed $$$ after 2023 so limited risk, always possibility of restructuring deal if they want to clear up some cap space this season.

Giants add 2 relatively inexpensive WRs - Parris Campbell and Jeff Smith. Campbell looks like a Wan’dale type, good versatility but injuries have been an issue.


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That was ugly.

I think it’s more accurate to say that they made ugly look beautiful.

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The DAL DST in one of my fantasy leagues scored 37 points. That’s an epic DST score.

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Most of that in the first quarter!!

Reminds me of several years ago when I was down by more than 30 points and the Eagles DST pushed me to a 1-point victory.

ALCOA fantastic finishes!

In one of my fantasy leagues, there is a $ prize for top score each week. I would have won but for the DAL DST score. I came up about 5 points short.

Up to 57 unanswered point. How many does it reach before the Giants first score. Especially when the Cardinals are supposed to be the worst team in the NFL this year. Looks like the Giants might be shooting for that title at this rate.

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It seems they took offense with my post and started playing some offense.