The Future of Actuarial Salaries (SOA)

You mean, more so than before?

Asking for a friend.

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Idk it could also because I work for a no name insurance company with no brand recognition

And all the good candidates are busy accepting offers from the big dogs

I thought the big insurers tended to hire the more stereotypically actuary actuarys, you mean theyre everywhere!?

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Yea I do phone screens but not involved in decision making beyond that though I have though I have sat in on some conversations.

In general the narrative is that it’s tough to find good EL candidates. Definitely runs counter to the notion touted on reddit (younger crowd) that EL is “so competitive”.

Maybe in New York. My Indianapolis 1-exam Actuarial Student salary was $34k in 2001.

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50K then was ~91K now. I don’t think they are that high now but maybe it’s just my company.

As an aside, the idea that 6 figures is a high income has become pretty outdated

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34k seems really low. I was in the 2-3 exam crowd, but i thought everyone was getting offers from 45-55k. Not New York, but probably Chicago mixed in there.

My dad was paid $37.5k/yr in 1990 at his first actuarial job out of school

I think bro was getting robbed

I got $44.7k with zero exams in 2008 (just before the crash).

if it helps, I think I’m getting robbed now too. must be a me thing.


If it makes you feel any better I’m near bottom of the dws salary range

When they reach out I ask them to source me a job in the median or higher range of their salary survey, but they got nothing for me :sob:

Sometimes I feel like recruiters provide no real service. I have honestly had more success without them.

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and fwiw i’ve had great success with them. ymmv. I certainly understand your point.

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For 2001 it does. 1991 1 exam life co, low col, just south of 30.

if I don’t get the job I end up getting a weird lecture that manages to compare the interview process to the dating scene but in ways that don’t make sense. Just odd IMO and that is with DWS

I don’t have experience, but I suspect dws today <> dws from years ago.

Actually I have interacted with them, just not as a candidate.

why do you think they are worse than before?

2013, $54k with 2 exams.

2014, $53k with 3 exams (left the shitty 2013 job, took a pay cut.)

Significantly more today.

Living in the Po, salaries can be quite bad. I’ve found more success not working for a company in my own state. We have non-Po areas, but I don’t want to live in them.

Edit: One of those was at a Fortune 500 company, and another was a superregional carrier. So not some tiny company. Both sucked, though.