The End Of For Profit Federal Prisons?

Biden signs Executive Order telling the DOJ to stop contracting private companies to operate federal prisons. Thank you Joe Biden this alone makes me glad I voted for you.


A start.

I read where the lobbyist for private prisons said something to the effect that eliminating private prisons won’t do anything, it’s the laws that have to change.

What John Oliver calls “truthiness”. It sounds like its probably true, but is not in fact true. The private prisons and sheriffs all lobby hard for stiffer prison terms. It’s good business, after all. Sort of like keeping the hotel occupancy rate high.

Not to mention they can charge people with crimes committed in the prison and keep them longer.

Yeah private prisons are a failed experiment, no question. An interesting idea that has proven to be terrible in practice. I lean libertarian and I don’t like private prisons.

But I assume that we are fulfilling existing contracts and they will continue to exist at the state level, so the abominations will be around quite a bit longer.

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What’s the purpose of prisons?

To scare kids straight.