The doughnut thread

Enough of this in that other thread (and if any mod wants to move them here, that’s fine with me).

Anywho, I buy for myself maybe three doughnuts a year. There is a nice place near my tire store when I have them free-inspect and free-align.

I’ll gladly eat doughnuts purchased by others, though.

Old-Fashioned, or GTFO.

There was a Dunkin near me when I grew up and I ate a bunch of those. I rarely go here now. Lately, when I do it is for a French cruller, which is funny because I never liked those as a kid.

I love warm Krisky Kremes, but after they entered the Chicago area, they’ve mostly pulled out and I haven’t had one in a long time.

There’s a Stan’s, which is a sort of upscale chain, near work. I’ve had a few different ones from there and have been totally unimpressed.

Oh yeah. Also there’s an Original Country Donuts in Elgin, which I pass by on most weekends but stop in occasionally because they’re a convenient bathroom stop (especially in the covid age). They’re pretty good. It’s pretty much a Dunkin-like offering, but each is better than the Dunkin version. They’re also kind of funny because there literally is always (when I’ve passed by, anyway) somebody there mopping the floor and telling you to be careful.

Shipley’s imo. Krispy Creme is like doughnut-flavored sugar.

I rarely have doughnuts. I like some varieties, but in general I am much more likely to choose savory foods over sweet ones.

One of my favorites in Atlanta is Sublime Doughnuts.

I haven’t seen a toasted coconut donut in years. My so loves lemon filled donuts and they’re a rarity here as well.
Last year or so some gourmet donut places have opened up locally, they make a pretty mean donut, and so can get her lemon filled though they’re expensive as heck.

That reminds me, I have to go sign up. A group at the local university is having a fund raiser. They go to Toronto and buy krispy kremes then resell them at a markup. I know kks gets a bad rap, but it’s one of those ‘sure, once a year’ things.

Voodoo Doughnuts. I first had them at Universal CityWalk in CA, then in Austin on 6th Street.

There aren’t a lot of locations - but if you’re near one, it’s worth the effort.

Maybe that was the end of the doughnut talk.

krispy kreme failed here in nyc, which confuses me because they are way better than dunkin donuts which is all over. i rarely buy donuts though.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s not get crazy here.

Now there are better donuts out there than Dunkin’, to be sure. I mean, I lived in Portland, home of Voodoo donuts, so I’d never argue that Dunkin’ is the best. But Krispy Kreme absolutely do NOT clear the “better than Dunkin’” threshold.

I mean, maybe if you’re comparing a hot Krispy Kreme to an old stale Dunkin’ glazed donut from 3 days ago then sure, I’d take the Krispy Kreme. But on a level playing field Dunkin’ wins every time. Especially when talking about any flavor other than glazed.

Also, Dunkin’ got its start in Massachusetts so they definitely have more of a stronghold in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. There were no Dunkin’ Donuts in Oregon, but Oregon is pretty far from Massachusetts.

Nah, I only go to DD when I’m in a hurry (they’re closer to me). The Boston Cremes at KK are so superior, and the odds of me getting a regular Creme instead are anecdotally far lower. That is the worst disappointment donutly.

They do have a better iced coffee, I’ll hand that to them.

I had voodoo donuts in portland once. They did not wow me. Maybe it was because I was not hungry when I ate them.

I got the beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans years ago. There was about 5-6 tablespoons of powdered sugar at the bottom of the bag! :smiley:

If you ever travel to Baltimore, there’s a really good local shop called Diablo Doughnuts. My husband is not a fan of sweets at all, but didn’t mind their blueberry basil doughnut. I love sweets and would get their “unicorn farts” doughnut. It’s a yeast based doughnut with vanilla glaze and fruity pebbles. :drooling_face:

You were in Portland and didn’t tell me?!?!

I didn’t know you lived there! I’ve been to portland a few times to hang out with my ao bff. Not recently though with pandemic.

Yeah, I didn’t really advertise that when I was living there, I guess.

Dump as much frosting as humanly possible on a donut and I’m a happy camper

Almost picked up the only cake donuts I do like, tonight at the store: entenmen’s devil’s food donuts. But it tastes like actual cake. I can’t have that crap in my house or I will eat all of them.

Do people really spell them “doughnuts” any more?