The Devil's Lettuce

I tried MJ with my kids this year while on vacation. Took a few puffs. felt nauseous, went to bed. That was the end of that.

Anyone else give this stuff a whirl?

I’ve taken a couple of trips to Colorado and tried it. It’s not my thing.

I can’t stand inhaling anything but air. I’ve never smoked anything in my life except for the one time I attempted to smoke MJ. It was comical. I can’t do it! :rofl:

I liked the edibles better. But I had different experiences each of the few times I tried them. Some pleasant, some not, so it’s not something I seek out.

I do think it should be universally legal. But I do worry about kids using it too much. “Adam Ruins Everything” did a good bit on this.

Do you partake in MJ?

  • Yes, regularly
  • Yes, occassionally
  • Yes, I’ve tried it in the past but that’s it.
  • No

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Tried it a few times, didn’t do much for me. Tried edibles once, overdid it and had some strange reactions, got worried when I had an elevated heart rate, eventually got a good sleep in during the day but no plans to try that again.

This might come back to bite me in the face. Therefore, this is according to my friend.

Yes, he takes it regularly. It is an acquired experience. The experience is subjective. It took a few months, or maybe over 5-10 tries, to really get into it.

Do note: the enjoyment is not a shallow “high”, like those of serotonin or dopamine triggers. The enjoyment, based on his personal account, sprouts from a constant blast of deja vus, or nostalgic feelings, or epiphanies, or flashback to memories or dreams.
He likes this feeling, and thus, it is enjoyable.

The whole “stoned” feel is not particularly relevant to the experience or enjoyment, for that matter. It is just a physical side effect. It makes you not want to really move. For that reason, it is not a popular party favor, unless paired with other uppers.

Once you get the hang of it, it is easier to reach this level of enjoyment, as you know exactly what you’re searching for. It is not easy to understand exactly what you should be feeling the first few times you try it.

Note, it is not guaranteed that you’ll feel this every time. Sometimes, you become so influenced by the physical side effect that you never reach the spiritual effects.

I’m not close to this friend.

I have to make an effort not to drink alcohol when smoking weed. Otherwise, I could end up like John Bonham Scott. PUT TOGETHER!
(Which is: pass out, then choke on vomit. Might not be mine, can’t dust for vomit.)

RN :laughing:

I’ve tried MJ a couple of times. It really didn’t do anything for me.

Never tried it. Not opposed to trying it in edible form someday (I’ve never smoked anything and don’t intend to).

Was going to in Seattle a few years ago, but never did.

I was friends with the stoners in high school, so probably have had contact highs, but smoking cigarettes grossed me out (and made me sick to my stomach) when I tried those around the same age, so I didn’t smoke pot when offered.

Recreational legalization is on the ballot this year, if that happens, I will eventually try edibles.

Not really possible to have contact highs with pot.

Just a bit of warning that it takes a couple hours before you feel any effects, so be sure to try a small dose at first and be patient.

tried edibles in portland where it was legal. we went to a pot shop where they had lots of fun looking things. wound up hating it. it just made me feel blah and out of it.

tried smoking it a few times. most of the time it did nothing for me. then one time, i probably did it more right or something because it made my throat hurt like crazy and just made me feel sick for hours. i had a similar reaction to inhaling a cigarette when i was a teenager, so i’m not sure it’s unique to pot or just smoking something that makes me feel awful.

regardless, i think i’m done with pot. i’ll stick to alcohol as my legal drug of choice. unfortunately, i have acid reflux issues, so i can’t always drink alcohol because it’s a trigger. i drink it when the reflux is under control and after taking a pill to keep it under control.

My wife could have used that warning when we were in Seattle, ha!

Also, anything that you ingest is going to have a different effect from smoking or vaping, as chemicals must be able to get through your liver, which is a powerful detox machine. Smoking/vaping bypasses your liver and goes directly to your brain through your lungs. The specific chemicals that reach your bloodstream via edibles are not entirely the same as smoking/vaping.

Apparently it’s a common mistake that newbies make - even read an article about it from an NYT columnist

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