Terrorist attack in Vienna

The last two articles point out that the synagogue was closed, and might not have been the target. I tried to visit that synagogue once. Couldn’t do it. I would have needed my synagogue to send them a letter in advice. I’m guessing there’s a reason for that level of security, even if this particular attack isn’t the reason.

Yikes. RIP to all of the victims.

14 arrests made according to a news source on my phone that I can’t figure out how to quote. But authorities believe that the gunman may have acted alone.

4 killed, 22 injured by the gunman and the gunman killed by police

Surprised no one else is responding here, but here’s a BBC update on the situation.

TL/DR: Lone gunman shot by police, 4 others killed, 23 injured

Shooting started near a synagogue by a Muslim extremist, but he did not enter the synagogue and it’s not clear that he was intending to target Jews, so the synagogue may be a coincidence.