Team coordination software

I’m curious what all y’all are using to coordinate teams during WFH.

Zoom for multi person meetings. We meet with our mentors about once a week, and have a Monday morning team meeting every week to talk about general direction.
Slack for instant messaging and one on one. We can ping each other with messages or if it’s a bit more in depth I can call them for an instant video call.
Redmine, which is a ticketing system. Projects get put in with tasks, then users update it with status updates and or questions.

The combination is working well, thoughtheteam is small.

everything internal is Teams. Use Webex or Zoom based on clients.

IM was Skype for business, but just discontinued for Teams as well

Used to be Webex and Skype, but with Microsoft ending support for Skype, we migrated to Teams for chat. Some people also use Teams for meetings and others stick with Webex.

Almost all on Teams, and also just to see what everybody is working on

98% Teams, 1% whatever the client initiates with us (usually WebEx) and 1% Zoom with ACHS (for that good free CPD).

The company my daughter works for uses sococo. Its an image of an island with a building. The building has a foyer and reception area, meeting rooms, and offices. If you want to talk to someone, you can see if they are in the office and knock on the door. If they accept it opens a zoom. You can put yourself in a meeting room which opens zoom for everyone in the meeting room. And visitors go to the reception where you can greet them which takes them to a zoom and shows them meeting with you in your office.
I love the concept.

Teams. Heck, I think the powers-that-be are looking into whether we can at least partially get rid of direct-dial-from-outside phone extensions to save money, given how much we and many of our vendors are using Teams for voice/video communications, and the emerged hassles of routing phone numbers.

Teams +1

Also Teams.

personally I think the OP lead the witnesses with how the question was phrased

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Oh. Like I assumed management? Didn’t mean that.

Also Teams. I’m still clinging to Skype a little bit for IM because it has the nice friends list feature, but I think that’ll be discontinued soon enough.

yeah, was an easy way to see who was in and out of the office

It’s less convenient in teams, but you can reproduce that functionality.

Zoom for most meetings
Teams for chat and the few people that schedule meetings on zoom

Used to be Skype and webex

Teams for meetings and for all file storage. I don’t see or hear from my real boss 1-1 unless something is on fire, and even then, there’s usually someone else on the call. He asked for weekly progress updates from the whole team once, but I’ve never bothered (he doesn’t read emails anyway).

I like him. He’s a bit scared of me.

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Teams is a terrible place for this

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At least for me, “files” in Teams is just an interface to SharePoint and OneDrive. I like the idea of SharePoint; I just find most of the implementations of it in my experience to be lousy.

Granted, I don’t think that interface is particularly wonderful. Teams has plug-ins/interfaces to many other tools; I appreciate what they’re trying to do to facilitate collaboration, but the implementation leaves quite a bit to be desired.

I despise SharePoint. Just trying to find the file I want is glacially slow.


I think OneDrive is just fine… but getting there through Teams is annoying

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