Tats, whatcha got?

What’ve you got?

Both my spouse and I have a couple, mostly matching ones we’ve got with our kids. I’m trying to convince my SO to get thing one and thing two with their twin.

What does “SO” mean to you?


SO= Significant other. Is there something I’m missing?

No. Just that you mentioned your spouse and your SO in the same paragraph and I’m confirming that you’re referring to the same person! :thinking: :rofl:

Yeah,no, one’s enough. I’m confident they’d say the same.

Funny story: I had to take a trip for work and had reason to be nervous for my safety. I told my contact that I was bringing my SO with me.

When we got there my contact said “oh! I didn’t think you were serious. You really brought your security officer!?” I was like “huh?”

Then it occurred to me that he didn’t know SO was significant other. :rofl:

Don’t plan on getting any but if I ever did would probably be one of Porky Pig saying, “Tat’s all, folks!”

Must … resist … urge … to parody thread

Tattoos are for servicemen, prisoners and gang members.

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No tats. Right after my older brother turned 18, he got Yosemite Sam on his arm, and my first thought was ‘yeah, you’re gonna regret that by the time you’re 30.’ Kind of turned me off. I never really found anything I thought I’d want to live with for the rest of my life, so I just never got one.

Three earrings, though.

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