Tags for the Games category

I’ve created a lot of tags, and tagged most of the threads (topics) in this category. I encourage thread-creators to do the same going forward.

Most of the categories should be pretty obvious, like bridge, poker, video_games. “Thread_games” is for any thread that you can play a game in. Organize_games is for any thread that is set up to help organize a game that won’t be played in that thread. So, for instance if you wanted to try to organize a little on-line bridge tournament for posters here, you would tag your thread with both bridge and organize_games.

I hope this is helpful.

Please correct the tags (or ask me to) if some of the threads here should get additional tags. I think anyone can create tags, if new ones are needed, but if you have trouble with that, give me a call-out, (@lucy) and I’ll help.

Thanks. I have never payed any attention to tags, but I’ll try to a bit in the future.