T-roy tries Bumbl and Match

Help me get a date! I’m on Bumbl and Match and I have 1 month left on my contracts. I also need help cause I never can reach that first date. Or when I do, they already seem to have made up their mind that I won’t be compatible. Help me with my replies to at least get off on a better start “???”

M1 (Bumbl):
Profile: VP Sales (BU 1996). Has kids. Works a lot. Local

This comes from a question that I posted in my profile for the zombie apocalypse. “Lets get a boat, I’ve never seen a zombie that likes to swim”

M1_MB (M for message, MB for Michelle Bumble): “What’s a girl gotta do to get a space on that boat for the zombie apocolypse? I never see them swimming”.

T-R1 (Reply #1): ???

Are you still in Wisconsin? Maybe ask what side of the Rodgers/Packers kerfuffle she is on…

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“Gas, ass or grass. No one rides for free.”


If you expand your age range to include people with grandchildren, you might get more matches and chances.

I’m in Nashville now. Been here for 2 years.
My profile: 48 (Looking for 42-50 y/o), 2 college aged kids (Looking for same), Non smoker. College+

How are your canned goods lookin’? :wink:



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I also cannot really hear nor see sarcasm very well. So I’d appreciate separating those out somehow (red font doesn’t look available here)

My response was totally serious. Gets things going with some humour.

Mine was serious too.

Not serious: How do you feel about potentially being used as a human shield?

OK, here we go with BG5150 and Dara

MB_M2: Pretty solid, my friend. Knew a prepper - always have TP, Paper towels and canned goods! Plus, I can’t cook so I honestly already survive on Chips and Twinkies :wink:

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Can you cook? If so, now is the time to mention it.

Can I ask what else she can bring to the boat? (besides canned goods and TP - I argue that you don’t’ really need TP)

My reply: I can cook, and am good with throwing a spear. [Next question]?

At this point you have the in to ask her a real question, imo.

Just don’t ask her to marry you as the question.

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Ask her if she likes boating.

Also, do you have a can opener (non-electric)?

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NuvaRing. :wink:

Or motor boating! :wink:

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