Sweatshop demand

fast fashion should be illegal.

not because of environmental reasons, but a piece of plastic that lasts 5 wears shouldn’t be legal.

Try voting with your wallet and find a retailer and look for quality brand names. Patagonia is outstanding. Try LL Bean.

You don’t even have to go that expensive. Gildan makes a lot of nice heavy fabric cotton stuff that is very inexpensive. They also score decently on a lot of 3rd party sustainability and worker treatment ratings. Better than many name brands that are way more expensive. They’re hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts are $15-$20 and their tee shirts are $5-$10. If someone is WFH this makes a lot of sense. Plain basics that last forever plus you can get whatever color you want as they make a bazillion colors since most of their stuff ends up getting screen-printed or embroidered on by vendors.