Supporting intellectual diversity

Well, TIL. I’ve run a lot of scenarios through the years, I’ve never looked at that before. Though I don’t do much if any work around PUA’s.

Similar in Canada, with two differences. First, you can choose ART or level for life costs. Secondly, the investments aren’t a generic index - they’re a cornucopia of everthing from equity indexes, to mutual funds, to bonds, to money market, to, well everything. One company has 200 investment choices inside their UL.
My personal UL is level for life cost, and I pay minimum premium. That means it’s effectively a term for life policy.
I think I screwed up a bit though. I suspect I’'ll eventually want to dump money into the investments but I’ll have run minimum premiums for so long that I’m going to run into regulatory limits on this.

It just so happens that one of the podcasts I listen to did a show a couple of days ago explaining how to use PUAs and they explain it better than I can here. Lack of commissions is only one part of the reason, but my primary point is true.

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Thanks! It’s on the agenda for today.
I emailed my buddy, he says the mortgage thing is likely also true in Canada, but I dont think it’s formulated into a sales strategy.

we have these people. They are sales/brokers. I spend a disproportionate amount of time explaining things to them every day.

They are valuable in that some one has to go out and talk to actual humans and sell our products. I dumb it down enough for brokers to understand, then they dumb it down some more so that normal folks can think its worth buying.

so really we do have this diversity at the company level.

but really I think CS is just having some fun at the idea of ‘IQ shaming’ becoming some new cultural thing as we approach full idiocracy.

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Why is it that we always shame those fast food workers that just don’t want to wash their hands, bless their hearts?

Next: pilot skills diversity

Given that the bulk of airline passengers have little to no piloting skills, pilots should reflect this lack of skill. 99% of pilots should not know how to pilot an aircraft

Away with licenses and certifications