Super Bowl LV Prop Betting Game

You combine multiple bets for better odds. So instead of betting $4 on Mahomes over 325 and $4 on Brady under 295, where you can turn $8 into $18 if you win both, you can bet the same $8 and if you hit on both you get $28, but if you miss on either you lose.


Thanks for the explanation.

I’ll take the straight bet.

OK, so I’m going to do a parlay here since there is a nice arbitrage on the coin toss.

$10 AB on Heads, $10 on Tails. Guaranteed payout: $22.50 AB.
Let it all ride on Player/Coach sidelined due to Rona at 4/1

$10 on a 4 way parlay… Over on Brady passing yards, Evans receiving yards, and Anthem length, under on 7.5 songs by the Weeknd
$2 each on Hill or QB first TD
$3 on Hill as MVP
$1 on Canada being mentioned
$1 on Canadian tuxedo
$1 on red Gatorade

What about a team barber?

Only if it’s Tiki or Ronde

$20 on Parlay 4 for 10/1 odds
Under for all:
Gronk 29.5 receiving yards
Kelce 94.5 receiving yards
Total songs 7.5
Wardrobe changes 0.5

Bahh that was my bet. I’ll leave it to ya, nice one.

$20 on First TD - Either QB at 18/1

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Does Corona Light get counted as “the 'Rona”?

Is Parlay limited to 4?
If so
$20 on
Mahomes Passing Over
Brady Passing Over
Mahomes Rushing Over
Brady Rushing Over

If not
$20 on
Mahomes Passing Over
Brady Passing Over
Mahomes Rushing Over
Brady Rushing Over
Hill Receiving Over
Gronk Receiving Over

Haven’t you had “Player is arrested [during SB week or some such]” in the past?

Yea forgot that one. Let’s call it 7/1

Thanks to Barstool Sports betting is now closed on the anthem length :rofl:

What about coach’s son who is also an assistant coach?

google failed me. :handpuppets:, please?

Someone on Barstool stood outside of Raymond James stadium during the rehearsals. You could hear the anthem being played and they took a video of their phone, timing the anthem being played (and clearly being over).

Scores later today or this week… streaker finally hit! (I’m counting it, that was enough skin for me)

I only hit on my MVP bet…finish with $8

2 on Gronk first TD = 36

Guess Tab decided they better cover Tyrone Hill this game. Busted.

Bucs were really close to an O-line TD