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Another place is down right now.

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And it’s down again for unscheduled maintenance.

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I remember when the SOA forum used to go down. Dang me, friday night, everyone freaking out over pass numbers, the SOA would post and then turn off the lights and go home, someone would manage to get a copy of the results before their site went offline and post it on the AO. Then we had to not only deal with traffic, but with enterprising students writing scripts to refresh the pages on the AO waiting for the numbers.
And that was when hardware and internet speed mattered. I remember turning my main business server offline, pulling ram and cpu, then turning off the AO for 3 minutes while I installed the cannibalized server and ram into the AO server before lighting it back up again.
Now you just throw hardware at the problem. Or just start with hardware that’s so overcapacity that it’s not ever an issue. This site is on it’s own server that I don’t expect to ever even blink no matter how busy the site gets. 32 gigs of ram and 16 processors or something like that IIRC and in a world class data center and SSD drives.
So, hopefully no unscheduled maintenance for a while yet.

I remember having to dial into the SOA hotline for 3 hours just to hear my status. At least I rented a good movie that night to help pass the time.

Yep! I remember that too!!
Redialing redialing redialing redialing… ooohh!! It’s ringing!!!