We’re probably going to need subcategories for bridge, poker, chess, and nonograms. OK maybe not that last one.

confession time – I spend a lot more time playing nonograms than all the rest of those combined. and I have a regular weekly bridge game.

(But there’s not a lot to talk about re nonograms.)

Currently, I can’t put a sub category into a subcategory. I’ll ask Glenn if that’s a setting we can change.

da hell is a “nonogram”

Google is my friend:

Seems too complicated for my tiny brain.

Arithmetic and 9th grade algebra II are the summit of my mathematical mountain.

LImited to a category and one level subcategory, not likely to change in the near term.

Here’s one of many I have worked on. My cubicle walls are covered with them - makes for good art.

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Rather than subcategories, let’s use tags. I’ve created a lot, and we can have as many as we want. Added bonus, a thread can carry multiple tags.