Stuff the ballot box

Minnesota is naming their snow plows. One of the choices is “Plowy McPlowFace”. You get 8 votes. Please make that one of them.

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The “McXFace” thing has been done. Someone should come up with something original.

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Well, good news – there are 48 other ones to choose from. :snowflake:

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was Plowy McPlowFace your submission?

My selections (mostly went for shorter names because long names are obnoxious)

Blizzard Wizard
Edward Blizzardhands
Frosty the Snowplow
Luke Snowalker
Purple Snow
Raspberry Brr-et
Snowbi-Wan Kenobi
The Truck Formerly Known As Plow

Yes, the last one violates my “shorter is better” philosophy, but it was too good. As you can see, I liked the Prince-themed ones, considering that it’s Minnesota & all.

And some are easily shortened: Frosty, Snowbi-Wan…

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I was wondering that too. If it was, I’d consider changing one of my votes in solidarity. But otherwise I wouldn’t go for Plowy McPlowFace. Sorry. :woman_shrugging:

That name again is Mr. Plow.


I think he is a boozer.

No. I was just amused by its submission.

oh! okay, then i’ll feel no loyalty to it. still need to go through the list. it’s long.

Aw, that’s mighty neighborly of ya’.

[Trying to think of a passive-aggressive-MN-response but I’m coming up empty, so…] No worries.

  1. These are pretty bad
  2. Most are phrases, not names
  3. A bit of a Star Wars obsession
  4. imo, need to be MN unique
  5. I voted for The Truck Formally Known as Plow

That was great, now how do I vote to spur NJ to do the same thing

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Honestly we should name more publicly owned things in society.

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Naming things like snowplows is probably fine (things with a limited lifetime). But naming like schools, roads and sport teams, doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

And I’m voting for Duck Duck Orange Truck - That’s hilarious!

Agreed, schools and whatnot make sense to be named after presidents and that sort of thing. I more mean the garbage truck that just came by, I want it named!

my HS was named after the person who settled and created the town also named for him

He was also a Tory. Which, if you are weak on history, were colonists who supported England. so basically we are a school and town named after a traitor to the US

Yes…yes, they are

I also agree

No doubt about it

I agree (except for the fact that one of my votes went to Plowy McPlowface). I found these 25 that were decidedly “Minnesotan”:

Babe the Orange Plow
Cold Enough for Ya?
Dontcha Snow
Duck Duck Orange Truck
F. Salt Fitzgerald
Flake Superior
Giiwedin (Ojibwe word for ‘north wind’)
Goldy Snow-pher
Ičamna (Dakota word for ‘blizzard’)
Joe Plow-er
Justin Moresnow
Kent Brrr-bek
Lake SnowBeGone
L’Plow du Nord
Mary Tyler More Snow
Minnesota nICE
Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya
Plow Bunyan
Plowin’ in the Wind
Princess Kay of the Snowy Way
Purple Snow
Raspberry Brrr-et
Road Carew
Tator Tot Hotdish
The Truck Formerly Known as Plow

Thanks for playing along. :tup:


It would make getting stuck behind a snowplow at least a bit more entertaining to know that, today I was trailing “The Truck Formerly Known as Plow”. It blew a cloud of snow so big that I had to pass him on the shoulder. I’m sure the driver didn’t mind.