Stop being so nice!

Just got my windshield wipers replaced. Had the kid, yes kid, at the store replace them. I shopped whilst he changed them. Seemed to be taking him a long time. He walks in and says to me “how long have you had that crack?”

I let it go.


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I think I’m going back after work to see if he’s still there and confront him. What should I say?

T-: Hey muh man, are you ready to take responsibility for cracking the windshield by accident?
If he says “no” or admits that he didn’t do it, then I may just let it stew in his concience forever.


Too little info to determine what actually happened.

How big is the crack? Where is it located? Is it possible that it wouldn’t be noticed without a close inspection?

And how could the kid cause such a crack?

I’ll take a picture
Hang tight

He must have let go of the metal arm and it smacked down on the windshield after he took the rubber blade off?

That’s my guess. If it lines up with the pointy metal bit I’d go down there and find the manager and show them. I think receipt + crack right where the metal would land is a pretty solid case. I mean, they could still tell you to pound sand, and you’ll have to decide if you want to go up the ladder with their corporate folks, or file a small claims case, or leave this on a Google review, or some combination.

Exact point!

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+1 on checking with the manager about the issue. Nothing is gained by “confronting the kid” directly.

An alternate route to consider (if you have comprehensive coverage on the vehicle) is to file a claim with your insurer and let them decide if the subrogation is worth the legal hassle.

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Also, thanks for the pics, @T-roy. That helps with giving better advice.


I love Autozone

When I first read this I thought maybe he spotted a crack pipe in your car.

I would rent a Truck and mount an electronic billboard with the kids personal info with the words “Windshield Cracker” in big red letters and drive it around town.

That’s a weird name to apply to a white kid . . .


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I was thinking perhaps Troy lost some weight and was in need of a new belt for his pants


More like that T-Roy had changed profession and is now working on the pipes under my sink.

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That’s funny. I think AI is going to take over my job within 5 years. I am considering going back to school to be a plumber.

I’m not angling for your job

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So here’s a take. He’s some fucking shit just trying to pay the bills. You got 4 tracks to choose from.

  1. Ignore it until it is a problem then deal with it. Blame it on a random rock in the road it’ll be fine.
  2. Call Safelight. I’ve replaced two windshields with them and haven’t paid a dime.
  3. Bitch and moan to the store until they do something like offer you a coupon and fire a worker. Go home and masturbate over your success of wielding your consumer power.
  4. Track that piece of meat until it is alone then carve a crack into him so he never forgets his failure. It’ll be wimpering on its knees confused and afraid. You can point out what a flunky to the man it’s life needs to be. Cause surely yer the man right?