Stop asking me to get others involved

The sentient computer running this site thinks I’m not doing my job in getting other people involved in conversations.
But, that’s not my job.
Please make it stop, or tell me how I can ignore the sentient computer.

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I’ve been on this site a lot and I have no idea what you are talking about. Is there something I’ve successfully ignored, or have I changed some setting that you haven’t?


Yeah, I haven’t seen anything like that… got a screenshot?

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I’ll have to trick it into showing up again…

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OK, trying to prompt the machine, getting nowhere.
Anywho, it wrote, on the right side of my screen (left side for inputting post), “Hey, you’ve responded to an idiot in this thread three times; how about responding to someone else or getting someone else involved in this conversation”?

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Oh - I think I have seen something like that, although when I’ve noticed it is when I’m starting a thread that is similar to another thread. Either way, I don’t find it too hard to ignore. If it went away, great. If not, I’ll just continue not really noticing it.


I like the talky box,
It talks to me about my thoughts,
It gives me bits of pixel lights
When I do what it says is right.
It squawks and scolds if I do wrong
And threatens darkness and no rights.
I am left here blathering on,
Finding the paths to places pleased,
Past hid rules, past its spew,
Thoughts, and songs, beyond those wrongs.

Uh, what it’s really saying is “shut up already, until some other people post. You are dominating the thread.”

(Or, “this thread is devolving into you and one other person”)

I’ve gotten that once, and decided it was right, and I didn’t post to that thread for a day.

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Pretend it’s your wife?



I bow to your enlightment!

Not sure what the problem is. We’ve got about 10 posters (not including exam sectioneers) here. It’s GobiActuary enough as it is.

There has only ever been two, me and you.

Imagine all the potential for chats if you took an exam!

Wrong. There has only ever been one. We’re all just clones off the original Mr. Smith.


Yeah, I get stuff like that when I reply to a thread multiple times in a row…especially if I was the OP.