Starfield videogame

I believe BG3 gives you 4 initial choices: smaller female, smaller male, bigger female, bigger male. And then you get to separately select genitals beyond default, if you wish. So you can be bigger male but select a vagina, for example (so with clothes on you look identical to bigger male) but are effectively post-op (but without hormones…?) transman I think? I suppose post-op transman would just be choices 2 or 4, really the more nuanced one would be pre-op transwoman, which would be 1 or 3 with penis.

Similarly voice selection isn’t tied to gender or anatomy.

I’m not exactly a transgender culture warrior but it all just seems like more choice to me and a fun addition. I didn’t want to be a trans character so I boldly didn’t select a trans character, but I can see it being fun to role-play as one likes.

I could definitely be wrong, although I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in character creation simply because whenever I play games like BG3 I spend a couple hours on a character and then feel FOMO about trying a different class, etc. and restart…

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I’m working from home so started it up and this is correct. The big/small races only have two options as male/female. As far as I can tell the non-binary option doesn’t change anything body-wise. Changing male/female changes the body parts by default, but then those can be overridden later.

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You probably know this, but there’s no need to restart in BG3. At some point early in the game, a ghost dude from a crypt comes by and lets you reroll any time you want.

You sound like my discord friends… yeah but it’s not the same

Like sure I’ve already got a few hours on a healing cleric but he was drow which is kind of evil cleric, wanted to re-roll as pious cleric…

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dat’s racist

Also, yeah, I’m playing a bard now and sweet talking my way through hard mode, and I totally miss out on all the random fuck you opinions I could be having.

I kind of want to restart. Though not as much as I’d like to reroll a new weirdo in Disco Elysium.

Come to the dark side…

Currently playing a Bard as well and it’s very good, and an Illusionist Wizard in my co-op game because I wanted to do something not super powerful. But we’ve made Gale a Divination Wizard in our co-op and it’s just too good.

Karlach has to be WIld Magic Barbarian of course because there’s nothing more fun. We picked it in all 3 of our games.

I haven’t tried Bard… you guys are going to make me restart!

Lol, I’m just playing bard to win persuasion checks and also sub in for the pale elf. The bard-specific dialogue is less exciting than my last druid. Who just coincidentally was always be running into people with druid-specific needs.

Same. Currently at level 4 in my solo campaign (started late on PS5) and I’m running Persuasion/Deception at +8 +1d4 (Guidance) +1d6 (Bardic) at Advantage (Friends, Charm Person, Thaumaturgy)

Intimidation and Performance are the same except +6 instead of +8.

I found a reason to restart. Downloaded the game yesterday for Steam on OS X, was early release version. Full version just came out today, save files from yesterday don’t work. Per reddit, can’t use early release save files with full version.

That’s pretty normal as people finish the game though no?

It’s looking like about 25% of players have completed the first mission on Steam, and about 27.6% of players have finished the game.

I’m presuming the achievement for “Complete Legacy’s End” is the conclusion of the game and might be wrong. I’ve never played it.