Sports Official Shortage

Thread for discussing the current Sports Official Shortage at the child and club thru high school levels and what we (or others) should do about it.

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The main issue is behavior of spectators and youth coaches needs to change. They are not there to berate officials over every call that goes against their team. The adults usually set the decorum level that players live up (or down) to.

The shortage may be getting to where it actually is changing behaviors. Our U10 and U11 and U13 baseball tournaments (hosted by my org) had the fewest morons/problem people ever. Usually one coach at each level gets ejected and the defense of that moron is almost always “that terrible ump is the one who should be ejected.” We had none of that this year (yet).

But I still see/hear it at HS varsity baseball and legion (huge cross over of same people).

You gotta believe that recording these clowns would be a deterrent. The coaches need to set the example, and tell the parents that the coach will speak to the officials. Talk to the coach if you see an issue.

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Please post a link to the thread being referenced, and we’ll see what can be done . . .

I agree. And this policy has to start at the top of the league, disseminated to each team, coach, parent (who then need to disseminate that to other family members who attend).

There is a facebook site dedicated to poor coach and spectator behavior, called “YOUREOFFSIDE”. I looked at it once before, but net-nanny won’t allow me in anymore without logging in, and that’s hard for me to do.