Spelling Bee

Oh that’s good to know! I definitely get my Amazon prime money’s worth!! :joy:

Ugh that’s a bummer. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a renewal notice so I don’t get overcharged. Might have to go back to just doing xword puzzles, or find a more productive use of my time lol

I looked at my subscription and you can do games only for $1.50 a week which is what they’ve said they’ll be charging me for the next year for all access. So I guess I’ll keep it for that long and then maybe switch to just games.

I read other stuff on the app cuz it’s there but wouldn’t miss it. NYT is too liberally biased to be a good source of news. But I’ll read the headlines then hit up npr/wsj for balance.

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Got to QB. Was stuck on a final C word for a bit. I’m just not high-class enough I guess.

QB. Did genius plus a few before opening grid.

QB as well. That was a whole lot of ING!

That was my final word as well. I often think of food items when I’m stuck on something.

Those puzzles tend to be the easiest for me

Today, I need an 8-letter word beginning with R for QB

I’m down to two F words.

You should be thinking low-class for your R word

Spoiler your hints, please…

Today’s spelling bee has a word from Exam C or whatever it’s called these days which was fun, namely OGIVE

Got to QB -2 with the grid. Needed a hint for INVEIGLE and INVEIGLING

Got QB pretty quickly today. At first is was confused by the VL words, but figured it out.

Never heard of OGIVE in the mathematical sense. For some reason “Home on the Range” keeps popping in my head when I see this word.

Got QB today, will give yesterday’s one last try, still 5 words short so probably lost cause.

Got to QB. Didn’t know the last word NUNCIO. Apparently some Catholic thing

I’m upset that MONOTONIC was not accepted.

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Got there pretty quickly today.

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Whenever I get stuck on that last word I can usually count on it being some obscure food thing. Wtf is BURGOO??

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Yeah I needed a hint for that one too :joy:

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I don’t mind the obscure food words. And I don’t mind that basic science words like muon, monic, and monotonic aren’t accepted. But you gotta pick a lane – either nix all obscure words or accept all basic words.

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