Spectrum Cable issues

So, I’m away all weekend and wife texts me that Spectrum is on the fritz.
I have a TiVo Roamio and a Mini.
I can’t do anything when I’m remote.
So, I’m home now.
I’ve reconnected the Roamio and Mini back to the Internet Connection.

Things are working (especially the Min in the bedroom upstairs, which my wife uses to fall asleep – Planet Earth, mainly), but now I have no premium channels, or anything above 400.
Now, I’m waiting for some actual person (I hope) to message me.
OK, chatting. Not sure if “Jacqueline” knows what a TiVo is, or a Cable Card that is inserted into them.
Anywho, I’m going to guess now that it’s the Adapter, which Spectrum requires for the Pay Channels. Probably have to restart that.

Also, last several weeks, nearly every channel is pixelating, though very randomly. Especially those with a lot of white background or that are popular. My bro-in-law (very media-tech-savvy) says it’s Spectrum, and there won’t be anything we can do about that.

Anyone else having issues like this?

Oh, and none of my EPL matches were recorded.

Turns out there is an outage of the premium channels (not sure how only those channels are out).

I am actually seeing that there is a service interruption in your area that is affecting your TV services. The good news is that we have someone out there working on it already.

Do you find that cable is worth the cost? I have never paid for cable TV in my entire adult life. Parents cancelled it when I was in middle or high school I think. The only people I know who pay for cable are older retired folks (>60).

Yup. It’s the stuff I want to watch, and at the speed I want to watch it, and skipping commercials and football’s incessant and insistent non-playing time.

And, I simply cannot stand waiting for the streamer (we have access to several) to start up, tell me what I should watch, search forever for what I DO want to watch, then, have it buffer several times during the show.

So, yeah. It’s worth the cost for me and my (and wife’s) entertainment pleasure. If I didn’t have cable, I’d probably not watch any media. Catch up a lot on my reading. Stop being interested in any sports of any kind.

Lost all our higher channels and ability to record anything on the (Spectrum) DVR post moving. Took us probably 6 months to do anything about it, but the solution was to replace both the DVRs (there were 2, one we didn’t hook up in the old house and I give it a 35% chance we ever hook it up to the TV upstairs - probability increases when kids present).

I’m only 35 but I have a >60 year old attitude towards cable. I need the white noise.

Also, the new remote is clearly made for old people - half the buttons are gone.