Southwest meltdown

This is what happens. This is what happens when you try to squeeze out every penny of profit before looking at the long term risks

people never learn

i have a southwest flight on thursday. is it a go or what? i am not sure i care that much if it’s a go and can just stay put if it isn’t as my entire time here was ruined due to covid.

It looks like they have only cancelled about 40 flights today so are back to operating close to normal.

I had read that they said today was the day they’d be back to normal operations. So, what, a full week of crap service? So glad to not be traveling.

they’re gonna face some faa scrutiny. I think some heads will roll

was the revenue loss an reputational ding more than the money saved from not upgrading their systems?

They’re back in business. Until the next upset.

The media as been covering their lack of ability of their computer systems to handle upsets. Juan Brown of the blancolirio youtube channel talked about the start on his problem. Because so many people were calling in sick during the storm, SW sent a letter to their ramp agents in Denver, threatening to fire them if they called in sick without being sick and requiring them to provide a doctor’s excuse proving they were really sick. That apparently caused a bunch of ramp agents to quit, causing flights to back up in Denver, which then spread throughout the system. After that, it was the inability of their computer systems to cope with the scheduling that kept things screwed up.

southwest spokesman “yes we have flight crew, yes we have planes, we just don’t know where they are” (paraphrasing)

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stupid. Shoulda told them they would quadruple their pay instead. Coulda gave em all new houses and still saved money

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Holy business interruption claim batman

Pretty much what happens when a person puts their own profits (stocks, options, etc) ahead of the long-term health of the business.
How does a company prevent someone like that from becoming CEO? Long-time puzzle.
Heck, i experienced this at a health insurance company.


greed is good!


from its politics to its culture to its business practices, the US is a short term country. But this must be working since we are doing better than long term countries like Japan

i doubt this lasts long. the alternatives are likely already labeled somehow as terrible in their own way and/or more expensive.


The irony is that the current guy (he just started this year) reportedly has been shifting the focus toward operations and infrastructure after the previous guy ignored it since 2004.

Well, that facebook post by the pilot (posted somewhere on here) was quite revealing. Yes, the current, and new, CEO is not to blame for the current fiasco. Years of neglect to turn short-term profits.

RN. I watched that movie last week. :smiley:

FML, daughters flight back tomorrow just got canceled. Now going through SW hell to try to change flights.

Well for now they got a new flight. Times suck but better than being stranded on a connecting flight.

Fingers crossed this one doesn’t get canceled.


yup, airlines gonna airline


There should be compensation like in England. I booked a frequent flyer flight in Sep2021 from Des Moines to Nice and en route and suffered a 3-hr delay in London Heathrow. I filed a compensation claim and had 300 pounds swiftly delivered to my bank account not long after my return. And during a delay with the high speed trains in France on another trip they gave us a meal and a free taxi ride since it was late and the metro was closed. Maybe if airlines were held to account for every delay, minor or major, they would devote more resources to a reliable experience.

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