Sources for NFL Fantasy Draft Data & Info & Rankings

What [paid] sources have you used for information to prepare for your fantasy leagues. Any that you really like and are worth the cost?

Last couple of years I have used and I think it’s $40 per season, but there are levels of subscribership where you can pay more and get more.

I’m looking for draft cheat sheets with player rankings by position that reflect the dynamics of my league. We use 2QBs which makes a premium on QBs since there are not enough good QBs to go around and the scoring potential for top 10 QBs is a lot higher than QBs 21 through 32. QBs are drafted hard in the 1st few rounds in my league.

I have used in the past. I used to like that guy’s approach, as he gave tables of data for estimated production by all players at all positions. I just got to the point a few seasons ago where I thought that while his data was interesting but his player rankings were just mediocre.

Some guys in my league use but that seems to be more NFL fan content than specifically fantasy football content. Those guys seem to do well, though.

Who you got?

Player profiler has a good package for this. Probably my favorite site to use

$40 is more than one of my league fees, so no thank you.

I just use CBS’s or ESPN’s free draft rankings based on my league rules (1QB, 1 TE, no PPR, no defense). Should be available for a two-QB league as well.

But $40 also buys you 365 days of annoying emails too! My league fee is $120, and has been the same amount for about 25 years.

I’d like (and am willing to pay a little bit for) good, insightful data predictions for my draft, and then a steady stream of 1 page weekly updates of player rankings by position as the season progresses.

I did fantasy football one time. I just guessed at everything because I had no idea who was who. I didn’t win. That’s my story!

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I used to scrape projections from a bunch of sites and come up with my own rankings. I’ve even done custom auction draft values a couple times. The last few years I haven’t felt as ambitious so I’ve used fantasypros. I play fantasy baseball and football, so it’s nice to have one annual subscription for both. They have cut back on some of their projections, which is a little annoying as I used a couple of them. Have thought about switching.

I’ve also purchased the Kubiak projections from footballoutsiders before I started with fantasypros. I should probably get back into doing my own work (Not that I’ll watch tape or anything, just aggregating projections from many sites and making picks)

This is what I do. ESPN, 3 different experts at CBS, a couple of the sites mentioned above’s free info.