Social Media and Stupefaction of America

A long but good read with lots of examples on both sides of the fence.


Thanks for sharing, was an interesting read. Depressing. It did have some good ideas at the end (which will never come to fruition).

IMO, Hank Green had some good ideas on how we ought to think about social media and its regulation.

One particular bit I liked is that he defines “outrage” as a mix of fear and righteous superiority. Which certainly hits home for me here.

I’ve never felt much fear, but superiority is like tacos in my brain.


Psht, I’m not so basic as to feel superiority over you peasants

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Thank you for the link. It was well worth the few articles I get for free each month from “The Atlantic.”
Still glad to be not a part of “Big Social Media.” My life is far better that it would have been.

Thanks. That was very good. (Of course, this may just be my Confirmation Bias talking.)

Unfortunately, “good” in terms of insightful, but “bad” in terms of the future.
He does have a few positive ideas at the end. That’s better than I expected. But, I’m afraid too little and too late.