SOA Speculative Fiction and Art Contest

We gonna do it, fam?

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It was a dark and stormy monthend when a dame known to me only as NerdAlert sauntered into my office demanding to know when the reserve calculations would be finished. “They’re already done, reviewed, booked to ledger, and, above all, are 100% accurate,” I muttered. “After all,” I continued, “this is the speculative fiction contest.”


I’m in. And @1695814 , your opening reminds me of the story I wrote for the contest years ago, called “Eight Seconds, or Maybe Nine”, which is a detective noir piece. Probably my most actuarial, but that one didn’t win any awards.


I am intrigued by the art component this year. I may submit something, but no idea what. I enjoy creating all kinds of art, but excel at exactly none of it.

Do quilts count as art?

imo, yes, but you should give that opinion an appropriate amount of credibility.

Could submit a photo of the spreadsheet quilt.

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Mine would just be a bunch of #DIV/0, #N/A, #NAME?, #NULL!, #NUM!, #REF!, #VALUE!, #####, & Circular References

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