SOA 2021 Predictive Analytics Hackathon!


Open to all skill levels, this year’s Hack-A-Thon will consist of two competitions: beginner and expert. The beginner competition reinforces the concepts and techniques presented at the Practical Predictive Analytics Seminar. Hack-A-Thon competitors are not required to attend the Practical Predictive Analytics Seminar to participate – but it can give you a leg up. Because this competition will have two skill levels, beginner and expert, please disregard the third option of intermediate when registering.

The expert competition will require contestants to determine the best model and features. All competitors will have four hours to develop a model and submit their predictions. You can participate on an individual or team basis – with no more than five people on a team. Both groups will use the same publicly available data to predict the outcome. The person or team with the best prediction will win the competition.

Please click here for the official contest rules.

This event is brought to you by the Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section, Modeling Section, and Actuary of the Future Section.

Pricing for Hack-A-Thon:

Individual price: $50

Discount for members of the Actuary of the Future, Modeling, and Predictive Analytics & Futurism Sections.

Pricing is the same for SOA members and non-members - all are welcome!


Bryon Robidoux, FSA, CERA

Lead and Corporate Actuary

The Standard


A 4-hour competition to run on October 7, 2021

My prediction: The answer is “C”

Or “42.”

Looks like the seminar is sold out. Nice that the allow non members to participate

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Okay, hilariously, the SOA asked us to promote the contest -today-, because evidently they didn’t have enough registrations yet.

Maybe they should learn not to ask me to do such things, if they have only 50 slots. I wish I had a promo code or something, so I could know how many people signed up because of me.

Who sells out an online seminar anyway? I’d have considered this if I wasn’t studying other stuff right now.

This isn’t the first time this happened.

We had a modeling bootcamp this summer, and that sold out pretty rapidly.

Some of the seminars the SOA does, they do limit the numbers, because of the specific activity. For the bootcamp, we had breakout groups, and they needed to have enough people who were “facilitating” the groups. For this hack-a-thon, they can’t have too many competitors, probably due to the way they’ll judge the results (I assume – I’m not judging)

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