So who’s the mole?

Who leaked Bolton’s book to the press?

My money is on Kellyanne.

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My first guess would be someone directly affiliated with Bolton.
(1) marketing
(2) he’s been dropping hints that he’d like to testify if called. This strengthens that.
(3) If he testifies, that just becomes bonus marketing at this point.

Releasing a book also completely undercuts the value of any testimony he might have given, since there would now be two reasons for opponents to doubt his testimony (disgruntled fired employee, $$$). Those who wanted to believe his testimony would, those who didn’t wouldn’t – but this will lose him the benefit of the doubt of many who might have been somewhat in the middle on that.

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Now the book I’d like to see is the Kellyanne and George Conway book after this is all over.
“Inside, Outside, Upside Down: How We Worked Together to Bring Down Trump”

Either they are the worst marriage ever, or the most cunning pair in politics.

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Shades of Mary Matalin and James Carville

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Wasn’t me, nor someone with as good eyes as mine. I did enjoy reading the book after it became public. Trust me, Trump is even more evil and even less competent than Bolton disclosed.

Also, hfbb.