So uh, do you guys think Putin will invade Ukraine or what

If that was the case the US would supply Ukraine with offensive weapons and encourage Ukraine to use them. Russia would respond possibly with nukes and both countries would end up destoyed. Net result is the bully and victim are both destroyed but who cares. We hate the bully and don’t care about the victim.

You can see what you want to see

You can see what I want you to see

that seems to be where this is going

At least Biden didn’t use the word Afghanistanization, but I bet he came close.

Biden has been tripping over himself to say how much more we’d do for the Taiwanese. I guess that’s racism too?

no, that’s dementia

Wow, I had actually never heard that story.
But skimming it now, it’s not comforting at all.

It doesn’t answer the question: would someone launch a nuke if a leader demanded it. Just shows how effed it is to let a bunch of dumb submarines each make their own nuclear decisions.

Well, they can’t decide to send missiles. They can only decide NOT to send them.

I think Normal Dan was referring to this story.

Basically the three people on the sub decided whether or not to start a nuclear war. Yes, they each have separate veto power. But it’s not like it came from some central command, which they then refused. They just thought there “might” be a war, so why not launch nukes??? Also we’re just plain lucky that there was 3 people on board the sub instead of the usual 2.

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Damn. Maybe they should’ve launched the nuke. Then I’d never been born.

There is also this guy:

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And this guy


I’m all for never being born but “I think there might be a war so I’m going to end the world just in case” is pretty dumb.

I didn’t say that’s the reason I don’t wanna be born. I said that would’ve been the cause of my not being born

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Things are getting hairy in Russia as Putin declared a draft to call up 300,000 men to go fight in the Ukraine.

Ukraine is Russia’s Vietnam is my read. Except more nukes.


Any of you guys remember that time China invaded Vietnam in the 70s, suffered massive losses and then withdrew after a few weeks and told everyone that they won?

Fighting age people aren’t allowed to leave Russia and neighbors wouldn’t accept them as asylum seekers anyway. Hopefully they organize around the real problem…

Edit: It’s just a rumor about fighting age people

Sounds like an interesting story that you could possibly link to sources. Think you could do that?

NM, I’ll do it.