SMRT - what's next?

I’ll be wrapping up a degree later this year. What should I do next?

  • Actsci Masters on a topic I’m interested in
  • A science undergrad like both my kids have
  • Finish up ASA
  • How about you wrap up your 7 year stretch and do some work around the house?

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All of them are just for interest’s sake. Though the actsci masters would be on a topic that I could likely transition into consulting once I retire (my current masters program is similiar, I can transition it into consulting once I retire).


So looks like my spouse has got some sock puppet accounts here.

why in the world do you need to “do” something? Can’t you just, you know, be, mannnnn?


Honestly I’d relax, but if you’re P&C and wanted to do some laps you could spend 2-4 months and grab your CPCU, or 4 other Institutes designations. Or if you’re Life, 3-7 weeks for the FLMI. Don’t know what equivalents others have.

Edit: I’m a moron, you said ASA so probably not the CPCU. You probably have some similar exams that can give you letters.

You can learn without studying for a degree.

Finishing up ASA makes the most sense.

Best bang for your buck in terms of costs and benefits.

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Unsure. I’ve no intention of ever working as an actuary again. the ASA would just be for me personally, to have accomplished something that’s left undone.
I’m considering this probably first though, simply because I can do it part time. I’d prefer to do a masters in actsci in a specific area, but I don’t think I can do that part time.

No PT Act Sci MSc degree at Waterloo?

Sounds odd as the coursework can be done PT. Maybe not up and running as few people choose that kind of degree.

which exams do you have left to get ASA?

I know that FAP has changed since I finished it in 2018, but it was pretty terribly put together, at least back then. I wouldn’t suggest it as something to do as a hobby expecting to learn something interesting.

The pensions parts were infuriating to me. They were just wrong.

some of the exercises had broken links in the spreadsheets where I’m like, has anyone actually attempted to do this?

Might I suggest:
(1) Political Science at Colorado State;
(2) Advanced Geology at Wellesley;
(3) Musical Appreciation at Bennington;
(4) Comp Lit at Northwestern University;
(5) Archeology at Tuskegee Institute;
(6) General Semantics at U of Chicago;
(7) Veterinary Medicine at Texas A & M;
(8) New Math, Mt Holyoke.

I didn’t think so, but I just went and had a look, and maybe? I don’t know if a research based masters is typical.
They have three options, masters of actuarial science that’s basically a grind to get your asa. Expensive, course based and it’s for ‘future high flyers’, so I guess not me lol. The second and third are MMath masters, one thesis and one research. And not clear, but maybe the research one can be done part time.

I’ve posted elsewhere, because if I can do a pt research masters, I’m definitely interested in that first and foremost. I’ve got a hankering to do some specific research, and as I mentioned above, I might actually switch out to consulting in that area after I finish what I’m doing now. There’s a prof at the school who’s done some stuff in the area I’m interested in too.

a friend of mine has the following letters:


I don’t know what half of those are, but if you (@SpaceLobster ) are looking for more to “do”, you could look into stuff like that, 'cause if he can do it, you can too.

I suggest more fishing and camping

I’m not necessarily looking for letters so much as accomplishing challenging goals. And I don’t have any interest in financial designations. I’ve got two insurance designations already.

As for more outdoors stuff, I’m already maxed. My spouse, who is waaay more accommodating than they should be, mentioned that I was probably doing as much as I should already.
I suppose I could try and become an influencer in that arena.

RNN I guess.

How about a pilot’s license?


for your consideration:

  1. Learn how to hold your breath for 3 minutes
  2. Get a novel published by one of the “Big Five” publishing houses
  3. become a black belt in Krav Maga (don’t know if they have black belts, but I bet they do)
  4. Visit 30 art museums in 30 different cities in 30 weeks, writing a blog post (>1,000 words) about each one
  5. Become “financial independent” via affiliate marketing only
  6. become the 17th-most prolific Wikipedia contributor
  7. Stay off GoActuary for 366 days
  8. Take a 7-day silent retreat where you make no sound and hear no human-caused sound.
  9. memorize The Great Gatsby
  10. build a 1/6-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower using Lego bricks

all of these are actually SMRT goals:


As in, there’s nothing actually holding you back from doing any one of these. In contrast to, say, “become the 100m dash champion”, that’s a competition and no matter what you do you may not be able to perform better than the others, so it’s out of your hand whether or not you actually achieve the goal.

So, totally fits the thread.