Skinnyscreen tv?

So I went to youtube and I noticed a bunch of videos are popping up that are skinny and tall, is this the new trend these days? I thought it was the trend to buy widescreen TVs but I haven’t been in a person’s home in a long time so are people buying narrow and tall TVs or flipping them on their side these days?

You need to buy a screen rotator so that when one of those comes on you can rotate the screen to match . I have to do mine manually…being the cheap actuary that I am I didn’t want to pay for the remote option…and certainly not the automatically detected and effected option.

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It’s because so many people only watch video on their phones now and most people end up having to turn their phone to watch videos that are wide screen. Default for most phone users is tall and skinny. Who actually does those things on their computer monitors or TV’s anymore? I’m old so I hate watching stuff on my phone. Way too small of a screen and I have a giant phone.