Skiing Thread

Powder Mtn is fantastic. They also have tons of bonus terrain that they will take to up to on a snowmobile.

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Plus 1 for Telluride.
How about Purgatory, near Durango? I’m not up on my near-monopoly ski resorts list.
These two were always on my list of places to bring up at our annual “where are we skiing this year” trip meetings.

I’ve been to Purgatory. Good mountain, but a bit of a nightmare trip due to a blizzard and road conditions. Was going to stay in Pagosa Springs for a couple of days and ski Wolf Creek too, but the weather prevented it. I forgot about Wolf Creek: add that to the indy’s I want to visit.

I had made a non-cancellable reservation in Pagosa Springs. However, I called them and while it was non-cancellable they had no problem with changing the dates. As a result, I did a summer vacation trip there months later.

the list of bigger resorts in the US not accepting either Ikon or Epic is rapidly shrinking. This list is from October. Many of the bigger ones on this list are in Canada.

I decided to book a trip to Grand Targhee. Will be there from 2/5-9

We’ve had a skiing gift cert for a local hill on our fridge I think for four years now. Should likely use it this year. I’m all top heavy and defy the laws of physics, but my spouse is a total ski bunny, I like watching her ski :). She’s pretty decent at it as she used to ski the rockies regularly before she met me.

Our little one has decided she wants to go skiing after playing with a few four year olds (who she saw went skiing with their British and Italian families that were at our resort) so am now looking at Austria for her first skiing jaunt. Probably around Innsbruck as there are a few decent family friendly resorts dotted around the area.

Austria is the only place I’ve skied in Europe. We went to Hintertux one year and enjoyed it.

At least one local ski resort had to remain closed because they had too much snow. And a number of roads leading to some resorts have had to close because of the snow and avalanche danger.

A bunch of resorts closed over the last few days for either excessively cold temps, avalanche danger to/from/inbounds, or road conditions.

I had no idea places like Vail were this congested:

In Mammoth right now and it snowed last night. Will be more crowded today but nothing like that picture.

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We have been skiing every weekend as both kids on the team this year.
This weekend though, we will not be going up: 7-10 feet of snow forecast today - Sunday in Tahoe! Yes, feet.
Bad luck: it is the one weekend we sprung for ski in ski out accommodations, and it is now past cancellation date.

Bummer. “Snow, snow everywhere, but not a flake to ski upon.”

To get from Jackson/Jackson Hole to Targhee, you have to go over the Teton pass into Victor, ID then circle back into Alta, WY. I’ve done this trip multiple times.

Nobody will be doing it for a while, as the road collapsed in Teton Pass yesterday


We drove that road last year when we went to Tetons, then Yellowstone. Crazy to see the road just gone like that.


We did go skiing last winter. It was good. I basically just held my kid’s hand while she flopped over a lot, and didn’t cry, mostly.

My wife had never gone before, had boot trouble, and when she finally made it, just shot down the slope until she crashed hard, but managed to not regret that.

Overheard was one dude complaining about the poor people in his city and concluding quote: “I only have time for expensive hobbies, because I work so hard.” Which is now how i picture all actuaries on ski slopes.

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I saw that on the news over here. Looks absolutely mad.