Ski Trip

Fun fact: Alta is still a Skiing-only hill.

I believe they still offer a back-country tour of six mountains.

Alta keeps getting pounded with these fronts. Sitting at 333" YTD with a 115" base, and they are expecting 40" in the next 5 days and another 33" in the next 6-10 days per OpenSnow.

Anyone been to Sun Valley? Heading there on Saturday.

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No, but it’s on my list of resorts to visit.

My wife used to take figure skating lessons there as a kid, so there will be some nostalgia. I’ve never been to Idaho before, so I can check another state off my list (I think I’m up to 43).

I can see marinating a chicken in that.

You sure that isn’t Hidden Valley?

I think it’s Sudden Valley.

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Has to be a dairy-free version for it to be kosher

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I worked there for a year as a snowboard instructor. It sucked because that year there was very little snow. It’s a beautiful place though, and lots of fun terrain when there is good snow. Fun mountain bike trails in the summer too.

Ketchum is a great ski town. I think it has gotten pricier since I was there but tons of good restaurants and breweries.

Sounds good - I’ll be sure to put some Ketchum on my Idaho potatoes.

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Yes, very beautiful, especially Bald Mountain. Such amazing views both going up the lift and down the mountain. Best part was when I saw a herd of deer. Very pricey all around (including the flight), we splurged by staying in the Sun Valley Lodge - awesome place. Beautiful views, spacious rooms, a heated outdoor pool to go with the hot tub, delicious food options and free shuttle service to the airport.

I can’t really comment on the quality of the actual skiing, since I had skied a total of 10 days in my lifetime. I stick to the easiest slopes, and throw in a lot of pizza with my french fries, but at least there was Dollar Mountain as a good warmup. And with the gorgeous views in Bald Mountain, why rush down?

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Glad you had a good trip. The lodge is amazing.

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And definitely recommend Warfield Brewery in Ketchum - wife and I had a flight, added a couple of small plates to the mix. Definitely didn’t need more food than that as German beer is pretty heavy as it is.

I’ll check it out if we get out there again

I’m going to Cortina d’Ampezzo in April.


Are you actually considering traveling?

There’s a little snow up here.


I have an investment opportunity.