Should I stay longer or go sooner?

You’re right, I won’t see my money until March. I totally understand where you’re coming from, but I am paid way more than a 5k as I make more than 100k, am in a higher job band, and am still owed an ASA bonus since I made the list after HR stopped processing raises/bonuses for the year. I’ve also already rolled over vacation days, so it’s enough that I’m not willing to pass any of that money up. If I can put up with this job for 4 years, then I can stand to hold on for 4 more months. I really appreciate the support, though. I’m ready to go at the first moment possible!!!

It wouldn’t be the end of the world! I say that now but I would probably be irritated later on lol

My current employer only requires 90 days of employment to be eligible so I imagine other places might have similar rules.

I’ll go on record to say that a company that requires its employees to be working on the day of bonuses, three months after the end of bonus period, sucks as an employer.
Something to ask about when negotiating the next offer.

Data point, I had exactly this decision at my last job. A decent bonus had been announced in March, but I had to still be there in may to receive it.

I didn’t stay, no bonus, but no regrets.

I would really like to use the money for a nice wedding dress and to put whatever is left over towards our new home and honeymoon :slight_smile:

If I could I would walk away immediately after year end, but there’s lot of big life things happening for me right now and having a little extra in my pocket would certainly make it easier and less stressful.

Remember, a year end bonus you’re missing out on is negotiable as part of a sign on with your future employer.

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This is a great point! A new employer may be willing to offer you a sign on bonus of equal (expected) amount.